What: PaidViewpoint pays you to take surveys, providing small payments even for accurately filling in your name and age.

Expected pay: pennies per answer

Husl$core: $

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Age 13 or older (US); 16 or older in Europe


PaidViewpoint is a market research firm that pays you to answer questions — even questions about your name and age. This makes the site seemingly more attractive than other survey sites, which expect you to answer a host of “screening” questions for free before you get access to paid surveys.

However, like other survey sites, the pay is nothing to brag about. PaidViewpoint promised to pay me 15 cents, for example, for plugging in my full name and age. Unfortunately, as soon as I did that, the site promptly rejected my registration and booted me from the site. So much for my 15 cents. Unfortunately, that experience is emblematic of how the site works. There are a lot of reasons why PaidViewpoint won’t actually pay you. 

To explain: You need to accumulate at least $15 in your acount to cash out. Reviewers say that’s likely to take you more than a year. In the meantime, the site considers your rewards “unvested.” That means they belong to the site, not you.

That gives the site the right to seize your rewards and it stipulates a number of reasons why it might. For instance, if you change the phone number associated with your account, don’t log in for more than 6 months, or change your PayPal email address. The site also can boot you for any reason and seize your unvested earnings. 

Referral fees

Indeed, it seems the best way to make a decent amount of money on PaidViewpoint is to recommend the site to others. If you recommend the site, it will give you 20% of whatever your friends make, up to $25. And, if you refer more than 100 friends, you won’t even have to wait until they accumulate that elusive $15 before you can cash out your referal fees.

Better options

Unless you’re stuck in an airport or watching football and need to feed your ADD, most survey sites don’t pay enough to make it worth your time. But if you love taking surveys and don’t mind making just a few bucks an hour, you’d do better with other sites. Sites to consider: Swagbucks, Survey Junkie and Consumer Opinion Services.

What their users say: (from Trust Pilot)

Took over 2 years to earn the minimum $15 payout. Clicked thru every email received. No control over how many surveys you take, the only ones available are initiated by them. Attempted to finally cash out, and for the first time was asked to verify my telephone number. It’s been TWO YEARS since I signed up, and have a new phone number. They give you the option to change it, but for an unknown reason they put your earnings on hold for SIX MONTHS after you confirm your new number. 

Each survey is like 30 cents….you get 1 survey a day and can only cash out when you reach $15… More than a year now and i’m only on $8…crazy! and now i get a survey every 2 days or so instead of everyday. terrible waste of time

I’ve reached the highest trait score of 10,000 and now I get higher payments for surveys. They’re not several dollars worth, but they are worth more than 10 cents. Today I got 62 cents for one; and as much as 88 cents for another. So, I think that’s not a bad earning. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s not just 10 cents, either. You won’t make a ton of money using this site, since they only offer surveys, and they don’t offer them every day. But it’s a nice site, clean page, and easy and quick to use.

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