Qmee is a survey site that differentiates itself by allowing instant micro-payments to PalPal. But, like the others, it pays poorly

Expected pay: negligible

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: Smart phone

What is Qmee?

Qmee is an online survey site that promises to pay you to answer survey questions. But many respondents spend all their time “screening” rather than earning.

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How it works

If you sign up for the app, you’ll be presented with a number of surveys that you can take for pay. Once you complete a survey, you are credited with the promised amount. And, if you want, you can cash out immediately through PayPal.

There is no minimum cash-out amount, which is an advantage over other survey sites that typically require you to accumulate $5 or $10 to cash out. (You can sign up with Qmee here.)

Qmee review

Like many survey sites, Qmee promises to pay you for answering questions for product researchers. However, the pay is slight and respondents maintain that they often spend 10 or 20 minutes answering “screening” questions, only to be told that they don’t qualify to take the paid survey.

Qmee sometimes does pay you when you’re disqualified. But this consolation-prize pay is generally less than the promised pay for the whole survey. It usually amounts to between 25 and 75 cents.

Even if you do get paid, pay won’t come close to minimum wage. You may make $2 or $3 per hour.


That said, if you’re stuck in an airport or waiting to be called for jury duty, survey sites can be a way to while away the time and get some reward for it. You can sign up with Qmee here. And you can find similar surveys with SurveyJunkie and Swagbucks.

However, if you want to earn somewhat more, Prolific and Product Tube pay more for slightly meatier ways to express your opinion.

What their users say (from the Apple App Store)

“More than half of the surveys cheat you out of your reward for answering surveys or cheat on time. For instance, a seven minute survey for $1.54, ends up requiring nearly twenty minutes. And as you pass the seven minute mark to ten, it will decline you. Then it either gives you a partial payment such as 0.27, or no reward at all. Lots of these surveys also ask for too much personal information such address, email, phone numbers and social security numbers!! Why is this happening without repercussions?

“A friend recommended this application and I can tell you that a normal day I do 30 to 20 dollars. It is even more incredible because you can withdraw your funds at any time.”

‘Qualification’ surveys

“I’ve encountered some surveys that are very deceiving. After taking what appears to be the actual survey (not qualification questions), the survey ends with “sorry but not qualified to take survey.” Meanwhile, I’ve put in time answering all the questions and even watched the video. The latest one of these deceiving surveys is one I just did that made me so annoyed that I decided to update this review. It was for “American Gods”, a series on Starz. I wish there was a way to report dishonest surveys like this. Fortunately, I’ve only encountered a handful of these bad surveys, most have been honest.”

“I’ve done 3-4 surveys where I’ve spent 30-45 minutes answering all the questions, giving plenty of thought to my answers and detailed answers to open ended questions, just to be told at the end that my survey was not ‘accepted’. I answered every single question asked and the people collecting the survey data have the entire completed survey with all my answers. Why then am I not getting my promised compensation?”

“The best part of this app is it pays INSTANT TO PAYPAL AND THERE’S NO MINIMUM CASHOUT.”

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