Qmee is a survey site that differentiates itself by allowing instant payments to PalPal. But it pays poorly.

Expected pay: less than minimum wage

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Smart phone

Qmee review

Like so many survey sites, Qmee promises to pay you for answering questions for product researchers. However, the pay is slight and respondents maintain that they often spend 10 or 20 minutes answering “screening” questions, only to be told that they don’t “qualify” to get paid to take the survey.

The site’s main advantage appears to be that it will pay cash to your PayPal account, without requiring that you hit a minimum cash-out amount. That’s better than most sites that require that you have earned at least $5 to cash out. That said, you’ll spend a lot of time earning very little money. And we find the “qualification” process disingenuous. If you’ve spent 10 minutes answering questions, you are taking the survey. They should pay you for that.

Some users say they do pay you when you’re disqualified– sometimes. But this consolation-prize pay is measured in pennies — usually 25 to 75 cents.


You can find better opportunities with Prolific and Product Tube. If you’re stuck waiting for a delayed flight, you can also take surveys with SurveyJunkie and Swagbucks.

What their users say (from the Apple App Store)

“More than half of the surveys cheat you out of your reward for answering surveys or cheat on time. For instance, a seven minute survey for $1.54, ends up requiring nearly twenty minutes. And as you pass the seven minute mark to ten, it will decline you. Then it either gives you a partial payment such as 0.27, or no reward at all. Lots of these surveys also ask for too much personal information such address, email, phone numbers and social security numbers!! Why is this happening without repercussions?

“A friend recommended this application and I can tell you that a normal day I do 30 to 20 dollars. It is even more incredible because you can withdraw your funds at any time.”

“I’ve encountered some surveys that are very deceiving. After taking what appears to be the actual survey (not qualification questions), the survey ends with “sorry but not qualified to take survey.” Meanwhile, I’ve put in time answering all the questions and even watched the video. The latest one of these deceiving surveys is one I just did that made me so annoyed that I decided to update this review. It was for “American Gods”, a series on Starz. I wish there was a way to report dishonest surveys like this. Fortunately, I’ve only encountered a handful of these bad surveys, most have been honest.”

“I’ve done 3-4 surveys where I’ve spent 30-45 minutes answering all the questions, giving plenty of thought to my answers and detailed answers to open ended questions, just to be told at the end that my survey was not ‘accepted’. I answered every single question asked and the people collecting the survey data have the entire completed survey with all my answers. Why then am I not getting my promised compensation?”

“The best part of this app is it pays INSTANT TO PAYPAL AND THERE’S NO MINIMUM CASHOUT.”

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