PingPong pays freelancers to provide user experience tests of websites, apps and new products

Expected pay: usually $30 per hour

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide / worldwide / remote

Requirements: 18 or older; stable internet connection, desktop or laptop with webcam and microphone, to perform tests.

What is PingPong?

PingPong enlists individuals from all around the world to provide tests of websites, new products and smart-phone applications.

How it works

To be a tester here, you fill out a short application and, if you want, link your social media accounts to your profile.

Linking social media accounts is completely voluntary. However, PingPong says you’re likely to get more work this way, since your social media activity provides richer background information about you and what you’re into. And clients of user testing sites want testers who match what they’re trying to do.

For instance, a sporting goods site is likely to want athletes; a plus-sized clothing store is likely to want plus-sized testers.

After registration all you need to do is wait. If the site has a client match, it will contact you and ask you to answer a few more screening questions. This can take weeks.

PingPong review

If you get contacted to take a test, you’ll get specific information about what you’re testing, the amount of time it’s expected to take, and the pay for the assignment.

In some cases, the client will have additional screening questions to ensure that you meet their specific requirements before you get the job.

Conducting a test

By and large, tests involve following a set of specific instructions while you share your screen. These may be to find a specific product on the site; go through the check-out process (with fake information. Not your own, since this could subject you to identity theft.) Or navigate through the site to gather general impressions about its clarity and intuitiveness.

You are expected to talk your thoughts out loud and clearly, giving the client a thorough review of what you think of the site, where you hit snags and the things you like.

Most tests take between 30 minutes and an hour.


In most cases, 30-minute tests pay 15 Euros; 60-minute tests pay 30 Euros. Since the Euro and the dollar exchange at a near 1-to-1 ratio when this review was written (8/25/2023), that works out to about $30 an hour.

However, clients will occasionally seek out someone with specific expertise and pay premium rates for a one-on-one interview with that person. In these cases, the site can pay considerably more — as much as $200 per hour.

Payments are made within 14 days of completing a test either by direct deposit or PayPal.


We see no problems in PingPong’s terms nor complaints about getting paid. So, if you like user experience testing, there’s no reason not to sign up. You can sign up with PingPong here.

But, even in the best of circumstances, website and user-experience testing jobs are intermittent.

If you like this kind of work, also consider signing up with UserTesting, Userlytics and UserFeel.


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