PlaytestCloud connects video game makers with consumers willing to test their games for a fee

Expected pay: $9 per 15-minute test

Husl$core: $$$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: English-speaker; a device — smart phone, tablet, computer, game console, etc. — to play on; pass an unpaid screening test; PayPal account.

What is PlaytestCloud?

PlaytestCloud connects game developers with consumers willing to test their games for a fee.

How it works

People who want to sign up, fill out a short form that asks for basic information about you, including the type of device you have — i.e. IOS or Android — and the type of games you typically play.

You’ll need to take a qualification test before you start with paid tests to make sure you understand how to provide the feedback the site is looking for. If you fail, you can take it again.

PlayTestCloud review

Once accepted into the system, PlayTestCloud will start inviting you to take potential assignments. Each assignment will describe what you’re supposed to do and how much you’ll get paid to do it.

You’ll conduct the test either on a smart phone, computer or another device that’s capable of recording your comments. Testers are asked to essentially talk to themselves throughout the process of playing the game, noting whether a particular challenge was fun, intuitive or hard to understand.

The site says it tests more than 100,000 games per year, but has thousands of testers. You get invited to tests based on your profile, which lists your age, gender, and the type of games that you regularly play. Each test is slightly different. The details, including the compensation and test details will be listed on the invitation.


The site typically pays $9 per 15-minute test. However, you shouldn’t expect to earn $36 per hour because it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get back-to-back tests. More likely, you’ll be offered tests once or twice a month.

The site pays testers within 7 days of completing the test. Payments are made in virtual rewards cards; virtual bank cards or to your PayPal account.


It’s hard to criticize a site the pays you for playing games. To be sure, this is not regular work. But, it’s fun. And if you’re a game enthusiast, we see no reason why you wouldn’t sign up.

If you like fantasy games, you may also want to check out StartPlaying, which pays “game masters” to organize and host online fantasy games through the site.

What their users say (from Reddit)

“I got nearly $100 from them one month, they are legit”

“Haven’t gotten any work from them recently/or missed out on an email they sent me due to being busy. They typically pay as soon as I finished everything they ask, most I ever had to wait was about 3 days to receive a payment.”

“My only complaint is I wish I would qualify for more tests. I also wish they would offer tests for PC games. They ask you about it as if they hint that will would or will in the future.”

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