PupLookUp is a free service that allows breeders to list their program and their puppies for sale

Expected pay: NA

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: None

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: None

PupLookUp Review:

PupLookUp is a free breeder directory service that allows breeders to list their dogs/litters for sale. The site appears to be supported by advertising, rather than fees or commissions charged to shoppers or sellers.

How it works

Breeders who want to list here, register on the site, providing basic information about themselves, their breeding credentials and the type of animals that you breed.

This registration also asks you to include a link to your own website, if you have one. And asks you to provide a detailed description of your breeding program(s) and where people can contact you. You’ll definitely want to put in a phone number and email address for consumer questions.

Once you’ve filled in all of the relevant information, you’re free to list a single dog or an entire litter for sale. The amount and nature of the description is up to you. But, make sure — again — that you include contact information because this site is not selling puppies for you. It’s only running your advertisements.

Ad supported

How does PupLookUp make money if they’re not charging breeders or consumers? The site is filled with advertisements that sometimes break into the middle of your puppy listing.

Good and bad

The good thing about this site is you can truly list your dogs for sale without any sort of cost. And that can be particularly helpful for breeders who don’t have their own website.

The bad thing is the site is hard to navigate and doesn’t get much web traffic (read that as “potential buyers”). According to SimilarWeb, PupLookUp gets about 6,000 to 9,000 site visits a month. Comparatively, (aka PuppyFind) gets about 2 million visits a month.

Also, because the site is not intuitive, you could also end up clicking on advertisements accidentally. If you take the “best dog for me” quiz, for example, make sure you scroll down the page, rather than hitting “start now.”

The start now button leads you to an advertisement that has nothing to do with the quiz. It’s a bit misleading, but easily avoidable

Puppy Mills?

The site doesn’t do anything to stop puppy mills from using it. However, the set-up is puppy-mill unfriendly. That’s because the breeders will be talking to consumers directly.

Buyers have the ability to visit the breeder; pick up a puppy in person; and ask questions about the dog’s blood line; parents’ disposition; and nutrition.


There is no downside to listing as a breeder here. But there’s also a limited upside. If you want to draw online buyers, we’d recommend (aka PuppyFind) and pay the site’s relatively modest advertising fees.

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