What: PupLookUp is a free listing service to allow breeders to list their dogs for sale; the site appears to be supported by animal-related advertising  

Expected pay: NA

Husl$core: $$$$$

Commissions & fees: none

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Puppies for sale


PupLookUp is a free directory service provided to allow breeders to list their dogs. The site appears to be supported by advertising, rather than fees or commissions charged to shoppers or sellers.

Though PupLookUp has been in business for years, we were unable to find any complaints, which is a good sign. Given that it’s a free marketing site — much like Craig’s List — but it has the added advantage of specializing and allowing you to search by breed (or your own requirements) — the site gets our top rating.

One warning: If you take the “best dog for me” quiz, make sure you scroll down the page, rather than hitting “start now.” The start now button leads you to an advertisement that has nothing to do with the quiz. It’s a bit misleading, but easily avoidable.

What their users say: 

We are actively seeking reviews. If you’ve used this site to market your puppies for sale, please hit contact us and let us know how it went. 

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