PuppyFind, now known as, allows breeders to list their litters in exchange for a membership fee.

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: $29.95 per month (or less…see review)

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: 18 or older

What is PuppyFind and

PuppyFind, an online bulletin board to buy and sell puppies, rebranded itself as in 2022. But since many people know it by its previous name, we’re using both here.

How it works

If you want to list a puppy — or a litter — here, you sign up with contact information and answer questions about whether you’re a licensed breeder.

Listing a puppy is free for 3 days. After that, you’ve got to choose a membership plan to keep your animals listed on the site.

Membership fees

Memberships are available for one month ($29.99); three months ($79.99) and one year ($19.99 per month or $199.99, if you pay upfront). The one and three-month memberships allow you to list up to 20 puppies. The annual membership provides up to 40 listings. However, the annual membership also auto-renews, so be sure to cancel this membership if you’re no longer breeding.

Each listing allows you to upload as many as 10 photos of your dogs. And, you can write a description that tells about the breed and this particular dog’s disposition, vaccination history, health, etc.

Search tools

Since you’re listing here presumably because you have puppies to sell, it’s important to note that the site has a lot of attractive features for buyers. These include the ability to search by breed, location and gender. Buyers can see how long the seller has been listed on the site and whether they have any buyer testimonials or complaints.

The site also has a breed finder for people unsure of what type of dog might be good for their families. This tool asks about whether you want a large dog or small one; what kind of activity level you’re comfortable with; whether you have other animals and children; and whether you’re allergic to dog hair. Based on your answers, the site will suggest a handful of breeds that should work well for you.

All of these buyer tools are benefit for breeders who list puppies here for sale, since they can draw buyers and help your puppies find a happy home.


Selling puppies online is controversial because so-called “puppy mills” can use these sites to sell unhealthy and mistreated animals to far-away buyers, who won’t know their dog is sick until he arrives. And does not preclude any seller from listing here.

That said, this site’s geographic sort and communication tools can help you avoid buying from a puppy mill. How? Insist on seeing the dog in person before you buy.

Meet your puppy’s parents and his or her breeders. Ask questions. In person.

If you get a bad vibe, walk away.

What their sellers say:

From Consumer Affairs:

“First I would just like to thank for allowing us to use their site. We are registered with the APBR and abide strictly by their guidelines when it comes to selling our pups. We have had buyers from NJ, Boston, PA, GA, and we had a couple drive from MO and from NY to pick up their new companions for life.

“Our pure bred Lab had 11 pups in her litter. As a first time breeder I was afraid I would not be able to rehome them all but I did with Puppyfind! Some were local and some had to be shipped! Puppyfind was so easy to use and increased advertising worldwide. I will use Puppyfind for her next litter. The families who found our pups on Puppyfind were all so grateful. They text me with updated pictures and “lab reports”!”


“I have used the puppyfind app. to both buy and sell puppies. The people who run this service are kind, professional, and fast to respond to questions, and concerns. Anytime I have emailed with a question they have responded in a very timely and professional manner. I love Puppyfind. What people don’t understand is this is a service app. They are in no way responsible for verifying all of their users are the world’s best people. As with any business you conduct on the internet, you must be smart.

Puppy mill

After unintentionally buying from a puppy mill, I tried to leave a negative review as the only ones on their site (that I used to find my puppy) were all 5-star. A day after posting, it was removed at the seller’s request and they made it impossible to get it posted again. Do not use this site without doing lots of research. They make it easy for puppy mills to continue their operations. The woman I bought from has been shut down by the USDA in the past and even the court documents showing $27,000 in fines and and cruelty to animals was not enough.”

Sick puppy

I bought a puppy from this “breeder” Rene **, and paid for the dog as well as $350 for shipping. The puppy arrived, the crate full of vomit and the dog barely moving. I took her to the vet and she was given medication and IV. She died in my daughter’s arms 36 hours after arriving. I have had two vets tell me that she was sick when she was sent including the vet that tested her after her death.


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