Q Kids is a now DORMANT site that once enlisted U.S. residents to tutor Chinese kids in English

Expected pay: NA

Husl$core: NA

Commissions & fees: NA


Requirements: NA. See review below

What is QKids? Updated 1/24/2023:

Q Kids was once a dominant player in teaching English to Chinese kids. But the Chinese government made tutoring sites like these illegal in late 2021. These sites remain online. But are largely dormant.

Our belief is that the sites are maintaining an online presence in the hope that China will reverse its stance. We lave left this review live for a different reason. There is a huge amount of dated information on the web that makes it look as if these teaching platforms are still operating. As of early 2023, they’re not. So we want you to know not to bother applying for these positions.

In the event the site revives, the explanation below is how the site worked. However, until and unless China changes its policies, skip ahead to “recommendations” to see where you can teach English today.

How it worked

Q Kids enlisted freelancers to teach English language skills to Chinese kids. Each lesson required 30 minutes and earned you between $8 and $10. The $10 rate includes bonuses for performance and attendance. Teachers were paid once a month — on the 15th — via direct deposit.

Teachers were preferred, but anyone with a good personality and strong English language skills can apply. Lessons are prepared for you and taught online, so you can work from anywhere. You simply must be familiar with the prepared plan and the teaching software.

The platform provides paid training at the $16 per hour base rate. Classes typically include one to four students.

The catch

You taught on Beijing time, so many U.S. residents will find that the hours are either very early or very late (depending on where you live). But, if you wanted to work from home and didn’t mind odd hours, it was a better-than-average opportunity.


You can still tutor kids in English. But, at present, not with China-based sites such as Q Kids, VIPKID or Magic Ears. Some good options in 2023? We’d suggest you sign up with Wyzant, AmazingTalker or iTalki.

What their teachers said (from Glassdoor)

QKids offers great part-time hours that allow you to finish teaching every early in the day.  I cannot rave enough about how wonderful the Q Kids staff treats their employees and how kind they are to work for. The children are very sweet and enjoyable to work with. With small classes, it’s very easy to interact and provide one-on-one attention during class. There is no lesson planning or grading. This job has great (and consistent) pay and scheduling. Though it can be a struggle to be engaging at 6am, it is definitely worth it.

Fair pay, good management. But hours are limited. Full time work is only available in the summer and winter holidays.

Pays on time. Great cooperation with admins and trainers. Nice referral bonus. Classes are prepared in advance. Company fills classes with students. You earn competitive pay. There are contests throughout the year, all-expense paid trips to China for those who are accepted.  In the summer, there are more hours available which can double or triple your take home pay. But you are only paid monthly, class schedules sometimes change on short notice, some children are not placed in correct classes,

Fun virtual environment. Mostly requires zero prep before class. Kids have been wonderful and LOVE to learn. In depth training and continued training throughout work+$16/hr base pay, plus $1 bonus for good reviews by students and another $1 bonus if teaching more than 8hrs a week.


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