What: Jobble is a mobile marketplace for hourly jobs in a wide array of industries, including retail, food service and delivery, but appears to specialize in staffing events.

Expected pay: $10 + per hour

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: Undisclosed fee charged to employers

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Over 18; Authorized to work in the U.S.; Background check


Jobble is a marketplace for hourly workers, much like Wonolo. Both are likely to find you seasonal and event-based work that pays only slightly more than minimum wage.

However, unlike Wonolo, which usually pays workers within 48 hours of completing a shift, workers complain that Jobble can take weeks to remit your pay. Payments are made via direct deposit to your bank account or a debit card. But these payments could take up to two weeks.

Workers also say that jobs are few and far between. If you’re looking for work in warehouses and events, we’d suggest you consider Wonolo, BlueCrew and Qwick

What their users say (from Google App Store)

Good for side cash occassionslly. Be picky about what you apply for. Jobs range from great to a waste of time. Watch out for jobs that are just advertisements (like lyft and uber). Not good at all for consistent work, ok for the occassional gig.

Jobble is horrible. They don’t pay their workers on time. They are so disorganized and unprofessional even their supervisors quit because of their failure to adhere to employment laws. Do not take on any jobs with Jobble and do not install this app.

No real support. Barely any jobs. Then once you actually do a job they take forever to pay. Its not 5-7 days.

Its a poor job app. I was sceduled to work an event I was looking forward to and preparing for a month & on my first day I was wrongfully let go over a clothing issue, even though I had the proper attire & the directions weren’t clear on the subject. I’ve have to advise using this platform & wonolo and bluecrew is far better.

(from Indeed)

I’ve never had an issue working at a jobble event. Fast paced but sometimes fun work. Met a few celebrities while doing crowd control. Depending on the job, you may want to prepare yourself to get dirty.

They have hardly any work, Contracts have terminated Jobble in the middle of scheduled events and Jobble didnt notify the Contractors who showed up to only be turned away multiple times. Jobs at 11 dollars an hour you shouldnt be unloading soundstages from trailers and setting up 150 lb platforms in 100 degree heat with no notice of the severity of the labor involved. Sketchy assignments. Got sent home from 1 due to it being outdoors after 2 hours and didnt receive any other compensation, a sorry or a thank you. Signed me up for lots of spam in my e-mail. Pay is weeks after you complete an assignment with multiple e mail inquiries to jobble to correct minor common sense things, as if they dont want to pay you.

Jobble is the only app that I have found individual events to accept, work, and get paid securely. As I continue to work events through them I am also actively looking to expand my horizons within the service/event industry. No benefits; no job security; only about one event per month available to work.

I’ve worked events like concerts, festivals, theme shows and races just to name a few jobs. The average pay is about 13$ just to take tickets, set up the events, or just random security. For the most part you will be just hired help that the companys may need at the last minute. So basically your just a body.

Jobble is just the 3rd party vendor that offers your services to the job that you apply for. The company that hires you are independent companies that look for hired help. For the most part ive enjoyed the work ive done. In all my jobs it has been ALOT of standing on my feet. To some that may be no issue but for others it may be.

As far as pay goes the jobble site says you may be payed with in 7-10 days. The quickest i got payed was 3 days, the longest was 2 weeks. It will vary depending on the hiring company. So dont expect your money right away.

There arent enough events to work on jobble. Id say you’d be lucky if you can find more than 2 events per month to actually work. But sometimes events pop up where they need help multiple days during the week. So dont depend on a steady income from working special events, they come and go.


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