Peer-to-peer boat rental sites offer value to both boat owners and renters. If you want to rent a boat, these sites offer sweeping variety and reasonable prices. If you want to rent out your boat, you can set your boat’s price, features and availability and let the site do the marketing and collection.

Not certain you want a stranger operating your watercraft? You can require that the ship come with a paid captain — and that captain can be you. (After all, it’s your boat.) Here are the peer-to-peer marketplaces to rent a boat.

Inland waterways

LakeHop is a peer-to-peer rental service that operates on lakes in 39 states. Boat owners and service providers set their own rates, terms and availability. Unlike other sites, boat owners typically list their craft with a “ride share driver” on this site. That essentially means that the craft can’t be booked without a driver — often the owner. That’s a benefit to owners who don’t want to worry about an inexperienced driver crashing the ship. But it’s also nice for renters, who get a guide at no extra cost. Learn more about LakeHop here.

All waterways

Boatsetter connects boat owners and renters. Boat owners pay a 20-35% fee on each rental, provided that they take the site’s commercial insurance policy. (The insurance is underwritten by Geico Marine and the price varies based on the boat.) Boats with commercial Insurance or a Charter Insurance Policy pay less — a 10% fee per rental. Renters can also secure a captain on this site for an additional charge. Learn more about Boatsetter here.

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