Have a RV you’re willing to rent out to others? Or, just want to rent an RV for a vacation? There are several peer-to-peer sites that can help. They’re beneficial to both owners and renters, since they allow owners to make good money on a vehicle that’s probably used only one or two months a year. Meanwhile, they provide vast variety and some luxury rental options at affordable prices for renters.

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The best sites to rent an RV?


At Outdoorsy, RV-owners set their own rental rate and terms, determining whether to collect a security deposit, charge a cleaning fee and rules for renters. When your RV is booked, you pay the site a commission ranging between 20% and 25%. Outdoorsy collects all fees 14 days prior to the rental and remits the money to you within 24 hours after the rental starts. This is our top pick for RV rentals thanks to reasonable fees and good site traffic. (Good site traffic means you get more potential customers.) Read our full Outdoorsy review here.

Or you can list (or rent) a RV with Outdoorsy here.


RVnGo is a peer-to-peer rental platform that specializes in renting out RVs, trailers and pop-ups. What makes this site unique is that it provides this marketing service 100% free to owners. Renters pay all of the platform fees. From reading the site’s terms, it’s clear that the free-to-owners feature may not last forever. But for the moment, it makes renting out your RV via RVnGo an unusually good deal. Read our full RVnGo review here.

Or list or rent a RV with RVnGo here.

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