If you live near a crowded city, a sporting or entertainment venue or an airport, you may be able to rent your parking space for good money.

Several sites can help you rent a parking space. Here are a two worth recommending.


Pavemint lets you rent out your garage or driveway to people looking for parking. There’s no charge to list, but if you find a renter, you’ll pay a 12.5% commission to the site. Know, however, that if you cancel a parking reservation at the last minute, the site can fine you. Learn more about Pavemint here.


CurbFlip wants to help you monetize the empty space in your driveway or garage. The site lets you list your space for free; decide whether you want to rent this space by the hour, day, week or month, and set the price. The site connects renters and space-owners via email. There’s no cost to list, but if you rent your space, the site will take a 16% commission. Learn more about CurbFlip here.

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