Snapped4U allows portrait photographers to upload photos for sale in exchange for a small set-up fee and a commission

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: $10, plus 10% – 12% of each sale

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: None listed

What is Snapped4U?

Snapped4U is a marketplace where portrait and event photographers can create photo libraries of events and portrait shots that allow the subjects of those photos to buy jpeg files one at a time or in bulk.

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How it works

The site charges photographers a $10 fee to set up an account and post a profile and photographs.

They can then share a link to their photos to potential customers. Photographers set the cost of the photos. Snapped4U collects from customers; emails the JPEG files; and pays photographers once monthly, after their account balances reach or exceed $50.

Snapped4U review

Snapped4U is not designed for those who take landscape, travel, structure and stock photographs. It is solely set up for portraits and events. However, the site terms set photographers up to save time and make good money. This would work well for photographers who take photos at events — even weddings — where multiple participants might want portrait shots.

If you are the resident parent photographer at your kids sporting events, you can set up here too. It gives other parents the ability to get great action shots of their offspring — and it gives you a way to monetize the many hours you spend watching your kids play sports.

To be sure, you could set up your own site and do much of what Snapped4U does. However, the site’s fees are so modest that it’s hard to come up with an argument about why you’d want to.

Commissions & fees

When photos sell, Snapped4U takes a commission of 10% for domestic sales and 12% for international sales. However, there is a minimum 50 cent commission on small domestic sales and a minimum 60 cent commission on small international sales.

The site also charges a 50 cent fee on each order. (There can be multiple sales in any given order.)


If you take portrait shots, we think this site is a great way to sell them. You can sign up with Snapped4U here.

However, those who also photograph landscapes and do stock photos, should consider Shutterstock. (You can sign up here.) And other stock photo sites, such as Adobe Stock and Alamy.

What their contributors say

WealthInflator says Snapped4U is cheap and easy to use

EarnthatBuck puts Snapped4U at the top of a list of 10 sites to sell photos

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