What: Sell your art (print-on-demand)

Commission/fees: Not applicable

Husl $core: $$$$

Where: Nationwide

Review: Commercial artists can make extra money by letting Society6 turn their art into coffee cups, iPhone holders, tote bags and t-shirts. The process is fairly simple. You upload an image — the bigger the better — and then go through their process to determine whether you want to sell it only as a print or if you want to put that image on anything from clocks to quilts. If you’re selling prints, the site will tell you its cost for each size print and you add whatever royalty rate you want to come up with a final price. With the other products, Society6 tells you what you’ll earn based on the retail price and their cost and profit. For instance, you’ll earn $2 to $3 selling laptop and iPad skins, $2.40 for v-neck t-shirts and travel mugs; and $4.20 for hoodies. You decide what you want to make available; tell your clients where they can find it and Society6 does the rest, including getting your art on high-quality mugs and t-shirts and sending you the agreed-upon royalty. Could you earn more if you did everything — including finding the t-shirt/mug/print-makers yourself? Sure. You also save money by baking your own bread, but it’s a lot more trouble. Contributing to our favorable rating is that artists who have used the site like and recommend it. 

You may also want to check out RedBubble and Casetify, which specifically works with iPhone cases. 

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