StageRush is a young online platform aimed at helping performers promote their bands and book new gigs

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: 5% – 12% depending on the plan you choose

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: None listed

StageRush review:

StageRush is a young website that aims to help entertainers promote their acts. The site allows entertainers to post a profile, photos and videos of their bands and performances. It also easily connects to social media accounts; merchandize sales; and any events where you are already performing. Site visitors can hire you through the site, send you “tips” and custom bookings, or just find out where you’re next appearing. You can also connect your calendar to show when you are and aren’t available.

Many positives

The site makes it easy to sign up as a performer and, unlike many other entertainment booking sites, the fees charged to performers are modest.

Most new performers go on the site’s basic plan, which costs nothing to list. However, if you book a gig, you’ll pay a 12% commission to the site for its marketing and collection services. If you choose a “pro” or “premium” plan, you’ll pay a monthly fee ranging from $20 to $49, but pay lower booking commissions when you land a job. You also get additional services as pro or premium member.

You set your own rates and decide whether to charge by the hour, the booking, or the service. You could, for instance, charge $100 an hour for your DJ service, but $100+$50, if the client wants special effects, like smoke. Payments are made through Stripe once your gig is complete.

The site is also elegantly designed. Each entertainer profile includes photos, videos and information about the band — pretty much everything you’d need to know to hire an entertainer.

One negative

The one negative about this site is that it is brand new, so it may take a while for customers to find StageRush and your band. That said, if you sign up for the basic plan, it costs you nothing until you get that first gig. So, there’s no reason not to list here. However, we’d wait until the site has more traction to pay for a pro or premium plan.


StageRush has the makings of a great site for entertainers. And given that competing sites, such as TheBash and GigSalad, charge dearly, we highly recommend giving this site a try.

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