What: GigSalad connects entertainers — actors/comedians/DJs/bands — and service providers, such as bartenders and photographers, with paying customers

Expected pay: set by you

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: $30 – $40 per month; or $359 to $479 per year, plus a 2.5% – 10.5% commission on each booking

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be over the age of 18 and have a service that you want to advertise


GigSalad is among a handful of online platforms that connect entertainers and service providers with people hosting parties and events.  The site promises one-stop shopping for everything from clowns and Disney characters to  DJs, bartenders and wedding photographers.

The reviews of entertainers who have been hired through GigSalad are generally positive, but entertainers are less enthusiastic about the platform. The complaints are consistent: The site’s fees are high and are imposed regardless of whether you find work. GigSalad does have a free listing option, but you may have to cancel a paid subscription to get it. 

Monthly subscription

GigSalad’s lowest charge — reserved for those who sign up for a year-long subscription — is $359. But users say that the site does little to help you advertise yourself at that rate. Artists say you need to pay the $479 per year rate before the site features your work. If you sign up for a monthly subscription, it will be automatically renewed until you tell them to cancel.

It is worth noting that the site once allowed artists to sign up for free. Now you have to buy a membership. If, however, you cancel your membership, you’ll remain on the site as a “free” member for an indefinite period.

In addition to paying monthly or annual fees, performers pay a commission on each booking. The commissions are lower for paid members — from 2.5% to 8%. Free members pay 5% to 10.5%. 

Some members get bookings

Some performers say they get new business through GigSalad — even lucrative and repeat business. That said, the high upfront cost may make this platform too expensive for entertainers whose per-gig rate is low. After all, if you charge $200 for each gig, it would require several gigs just to break even. However, if your band charges, say, $1,000 + each time it’s booked, it might be worth taking a chance. 

Other sites worth considering for actors and musicians: LessonFace, Heartbeat and Playbill. If you’re a bartender or server, also check out Shiftgig and Wonolo.

What their users say (from SiteJabber):

I am a performer and have been on Gig salad approx 2 years. I decided to go with the “Free” membership with the intention of upgrading to a paid membership once I got a bit more familiar with the site. I have received less than a handful of leads and no gigs! Needless to say I have not upgraded to a paid membership. 

As an artist previously listed on GigSalad, I urge you not to use this site. They are all take and no give. Awful. Just awful.

I started out with Gigsalad using the free account doing balloon twisting, got some gigs and asked for reviews when each gig was over. Used some of the money I made from the gigs to upgrade to the “Pro” membership level and got more gigs. Later, I used money from the gigs to upgrade to the “Featured” level. Now I have achieved “Top Performer” status with them and I currently have 126 reviews. It may be the most reviews on their site. Anyway, for me, they are the best source of income and they are worth all the money I put into the membership levels because it pays for itself with the profits I get from my gigs.

Over the year or two I have been listed, I have only received about a half dozen events to bid on. It doesn’t work well for photographers.

From Pissed Consumer:

After they changed their algorithm I’ve gotten NO request. Literally none to the point where I contacted them through social media and asked them if they were still active.

Whoever the social media person is responded with they’ve been active for 11 years. I explained the problem about not receiving leads and literally responded with “I see that you’re currently on the free level, but yes, our paid members do get more leads than others. Our algorithm is aimed at our Featured members, specifically.” So basically they don’t give free members ANY business and from all the other complaints they barely give any to paid members either.

From comedian/actress Stacy Peterson’s review/comments:

I’m still using Gigsalad because it’s fairly simple and at least makes back it’s cost (rarely much more than that). But I get most of my gigs myself through cold calls and word of mouth. Gigsalad introduces me to gigs at private venues I might not be able find on my own.

We are an A Capella group named Tune Up in Northern VA. Booked 2 gigs over 2 months on gigsalad without much social presence. Got 66 views over 90 days which resulted in 8 requests for quote, of which I submitted 6 quotes and landed 2. All of that was on their ‘free’ account. Yesterday I decided based off of that ‘success’ to triple down and pay for the premium for a year (it was 40% off). I’m anxious to see how traffic goes over the year – but feel i have pretty good metrics to go off of.