Trymata enlists freelancers to do 20 and 30-minute user-experience tests for websites but pays poorly and uses glitchy software

Expected pay: $5 – $30

Husl$core: $

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements:content goes here

Trymata review

Trymata enlists freelancers to do user experience tests for client websites, but uses glitchy software and offers minuscule payments.

How it works

After a simple sign-up process, Trymata promises to start sending invites to test website and apps for pay to qualified freelancers. Like similar sites, Trymata does not require experience. All you need is a fast internet connection and a device — desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet — to take the test. Your device needs an internal microphone, too.

The tests generally require testers to follow a list of commands, which involve navigating the site to test out different parts of it. You’re supposed to talk your thoughts out loud, expressing when you find something difficult or counter-intuitive.

Tests typically require 20 to 30 minutes to complete.


However, Trymata has some of the lowest incentive payments for testers in the industry and appears to not pay at all, in some cases.

The site says its pay scale ranges from $5 to $30. However, freelancers who work with the site says that most tests now pay just $5 for a 30 minute gig. In many parts of the U.S., that doesn’t even add up to minimum wage.

Payments are made via PayPal and are supposed to be made the day after a test is complete. But, lately, freelancers say that’s not happening either. And they have to nag customer service relentlessly to get even the sorry remuneration that was promised.

Other complaints

In addition to the poor compensation and payment delays, testers say that Trymata’s testing software is glitchy and sometimes malfunctions mid-test. That forces the freelance tester to start over or give up.


There are a number of sites where you can get paid to provide user-experience tests of websites and apps. Trymata is among the worst of your options.

Better options include UserTesting, Userlytics and Userfeel.

What their users say (from TrustPilot)

The new pay scale is ridiculous and insulting. $5 for 30 mins. I would avoid , just closed my account

Absolutely rubbish. You do nearly 30 min long tests and every time is the same answer. You do not qualify, so we can’t pay. Also, you have to install additional programs and these are very complicated. I do tests on other sites and these are accepted. But not for them. They just want tests to be done for free.

The site was fine for awhile but right now they are ignoring multiple peoples emails about payments and supports is unresponsive. I did a post around June 21st and they said payment will come through July 7th.
Guess what it’s July 9th I have not been paid and they are ignoring me. Usertesting is way better at least they pay you there.

Payment trouble

I completed 6 tests for Trymata formerly a TrymyUI weeks ago and was informed that I would be paid in 3 days. When that didn’t happen I reached out to their support team and was told there was a problem with PayPal and that I’d be paid on 7/7. That date came and went with no payment. On 7/10 I received a small payment, less than half of I was owed. I have now reached out to support multiple times with no response.

The worst!

I never rate 1 star but this scam company deserves a 0!

As a long time tester with Trymata I always felt they were the worst in every aspect but continued to test as I needed the additional income. Many know by now they recently cut their payouts in half (from $10 for 20 and 30 minute tests to $5 for either). The worst part about it is they made the announcement on July 12th but backdated it saying “As of July 1st 20 and 30 minute tests will now pay $5 and 60 minute tests $10. This makes them the lowest usability testing site in terms of payment. They also find any little reason possible to reject tests. It feels as if they are losing money fast and squeezing every dollar they can out of the testers.

So unprofessional. Their recorder is the worst as far as usability testing goes. I’ve had to take a usability test with them and just a brief network fluctuation and their recorder interrupts and test vanished. Like 3 times! All that 20 – 30 mins I spent talking continuously got lost in a second. Try writing to their customer support you would never get a response.

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