What: A curated job board for telecommuting positions in a wide array of fields, from accounting and health care to writing and technical support. 

Expected pay: Varies by position

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: $15.99 per month or $59.99 per six-month subscription

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Vary by position 

Review: Virtual Vocations promises to search through more than 10,000 corporate job listings each day to cull those that would be ideal for telecommuters. You can find these jobs elsewhere, but would likely have to spend more time searching. If you sign up, the site will send you emails when jobs appear to meet your criteria. You can register and get leads for free.

However, if you want full access to the database, you’ll have to pay, even though Virtual Vocation’s job listings are posted on other sites for free. And subscriptions are not cheap. The most cost-effective option is a six-month plan that runs $59.99 — and will be automatically renewed, if you forget to cancel before it expires. FlexJobs also charges to curate, but their fees are less (at least for the longer-term plan) and their reviews are better. We much prefer job boards that charge employers, not employees. On the bright side, the site does offer a money-back guarantee. 

Other sites you should consider: Indeed and Glassdoor

What their users say: From the Better Business Bureau:

As of today my subscription should be cancelled. Since I registered and began applying for large number of jobs, not once was I contacted by anyone or offered any possible opportunities. It seems like I am just spinning my wheels, and there is no one at the other end reviewing anything. In addition, when I went to check the job history, it is always blank. My skills are in the technology area, and there several roles I could fill, however no one ever found out about it seems all they do is charge and nothing else. Thanks for nothing

NO recruiter response to any jobs that I applied via Virtual Vocations. Felt like you are simply throwing stones down into a well and it just goes unnoticed. I’ve also had *** *******, ****** ** Premium and ****** accounts during this same time and have received quick responses. In fact, I also received an offer for the one I applied via ******** however I could not take that job because of family reasons. Also once you pay, although there is an option to cancel, however there will be NO refund. I’ve checked with a couple of recruiting companies and freelancers, nobody even have heard of this site.

I’ve been a Virtual Vocations customer TWICE! This company lies through its teeth. If you don’t believe me, then just look at all the other AWFUL reviews. This company is a scam. The second time I registered with Virtual Vocations was in Sept 2015 and I found a lack of jobs in my field. I called the company in Nov 2015 and asked to cancel my membership. They did cancel it but refused to refund my money for the remaining months (December – March). The extremely rude “lady” told me that I could continue to use the site through March. So basically, I am being FORCED to pay for and use their USELESS site for the next four months. Avoid Virtual Vocations like the PLAGUE. Use Flex Jobs instead… it has better jobs postings and way better customer service.

Buyer beware. Most of the listings in Virtual Vocations are not what anyone would consider telecommute. Rather, there are a lot of full-time positions listed which merely require a lot of travel. In many regards, this is the opposite of what people like myself were looking for when they sign up for this. I would never waste my time or money on this site again. TH

I have used Virtual Vocations for job search needs a number of times over the past few years. While initially I did have a few issues using the site, I figured out just like everything else there is a learning curve involved. The site did lead me to a part time 100% telecommute or virtual position, that I am currently still in. It is a tool that when utilized as one part of the search for an online job can be extremely useful, and can help people from staying away from the ‘online work’ scams often found on job boards that don’t screen positions.

The Virtual Vocations job postings are relevant, thorough, and dynamic. And for someone like me who’s been out of the workforce for awhile and disabled, it has opened a world of possibilities that can balance my technical skills with my physical constraints. I dearly appreciate that, and I’m sure many other subscribers do, too. Additionally, their customer service is extraordinarily fast, friendly, and helpful.

From Complaints Board:

I joined and cancelled before the end of my subscription. Only to check my paypal which I don’t do often for I don’t use it often to see four more charges from Virtual Vocations. One a week for a month. I already cancelled by sending an email to the address given for cancellations. What would one call this? A mistake in charging me weekly for a month on something cancelled prior to expiration date? I even got an acknowledgement of my cancellation from Virtual Vocations and still they charged and charged. If not a scam it is something else that I spread the work about and worked with Paypal to get all charges reversed even the first one that was legit. Their bad… There were some really interesting looking positions, but you cannot get much information without subscribing. So, I did. Only to find out that every one of the positions was expired, except one. That one was posted as an online adjunct job, which it is not. It is part online/part in classroom. I cancelled my subscription immediately. This place is a total scam! They make promises of “resume enhancement services” then when it doesn’t happen they say “Oh, it’s a partner company, you can contact them if you want.” They have no comment on what their service is for, anyone with half decent internet skills can research and find these jobs. The chat person asked twice for my information and then was rude, and snotty when I said I already gave you that information. Total waste. Here is my experience with this company. I recently noticed an opportunity for employment in my area that I was qualified for and this led me to subscribe. I bookmarked the posting so I would not lose it. Once I subscribed I searched for the position. It was not there. As a matter of fact, there were not positions available in my area. I immediately went to chat and they stated that the position was more than 30 days old. I felt that was a little shysty. I was lured in by a potential position that was not even available. On the other hand though, when speaking to chat associate concerning this I was given a complete refund. So who knows, but I will probably not use them again on the account that I was misled in the first place. I haven’t fallen for the ‘pay-to-play’ scam vv’s is running mostly because my instinct tells me, if I have to Pay to Earn, it’s not a Job its a Lottery…and we all know the Lottery is Gambling, not a career! I thank you because you point out a few very important issues to include but not limited to: “It is just a scraper site” (which should read “scrapper” – but I’ll let the typo go in lieu of this being important info.) – What you also mention is an example of a FREE website that does the EXACT same work, has BETTER results and does not require anyone to JOIN with a PAID membership! 2. The fact that the majority of their listings are staffing agencies. You KNOW those agencies PAY VV’s to post those listings then “members” have to pay to apply!? Again, NOT a job if one has to pay for it! 3. Non-Exclusive Listings: Again, I have found nearly every listing on VV’s website to also be listed through a free job board and was able to apply directly to those companies without having to PAY a single dime of my already limited funds! What bugs me, really gets under my skin is how VV’s REQUIRES paid membership from job seekers, knowing full well those job seekers are already strapped and most likely disparate and they totally take advantage of that fact! DISGUSTING!

Just this morning, I purchased a membership with them and already I am cancelling it. I hope they honor their money back guarantee. As a Recruiter, I should have known better than to buy into a site like this one. I usually do my homework on a company/service before purchasing something, but in my defense it was early in the morning and I hadn’t yet had my first cup of coffee when I hit the “buy now” button on paypal. Upon further exploring their actual job postings though, I knew I had made a mistake. Why? Well, for a couple of reasons actually… 1.) This service is really not a service at all. It is just a scraper site like Indeed.com, except Indeed provides more results. Not to mention Indeed and others like it are FREE! 2.) Very limited search results and most of the ones that came up were just staffing companies, not direct employers. 3.) The jobs and companies listed are NOT exclusive to virtual vocations. The fact that they will go through and list jobs but then BLOCK and HIDE the names of the employers/companies until you purchase their “membership” is simply misleading and unethical. Why? Because this Virtual Vocations does not have any exclusive rights to list or agreements with the companies whose jobs and names they are dangling out there as bait. Those listings are easily accessible to any and all job seekers elsewhere.

Like I said, I hope they stand by their money-back guarantee.

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