Virtual Vocations is a curated job board for work-at-home positions in a wide array of fields

Expected pay: Vary by position

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: $20 (mo.) or $70 for 6-months

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: 18 or older; credit card for memership

Virtual Vocations Review:

Virtual Vocations promises to search through more than 10,000 corporate job listings each day to cull those that offer work-from-home opportunities.  You can find these jobs elsewhere, but would likely have to spend more time sifting through to get to those offering remote work. However, the site requires a membership fee to get full access to positions listed here.

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How it works

Like FlexJobs, Virtual Vocations is a curated job board for work-at-home positions. You can create a free account here. And that will generate regular emails about jobs that appear to meet your search criteria.

However, the site will only give you the ability to apply to a handful of “free” jobs in any given month. To apply to the bulk of the job options listed here, you must pay a membership fee.

Membership fees

The site’s membership fees start at $20 for one month and $70 for a six-month subscription. Subscriptions auto-renew, so make sure you cancel if you no longer need the service.

In addition to the job-culling service, Virtual Vocations provides some career advice and webinars on how to search for work more effectively.


Notably, the jobs you find on Virtual Vocations are not exclusive to this site. They may be posted elsewhere, such as free job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor, too. What the site is having you pay for is the sifting process that culls out jobs that aren’t remote.

Mixed reviews

Reviews of this site are decidedly mixed. Some customers say the job board was worthless and hard to cancel. Others say they found the ease of use well worth paying for.


Our view: The service is almost identical to that offered through FlexJobs, which gets almost universally good reviews. And, if you’re going for a long-term subscription, FlexJobs is cheaper.

We don’t see a problem with paying for a service that saves you time. And neither FlexJobs nor Virtual Vocations is terribly costly. But if you need to pick between the two, our pick would be FlexJobs. (You can sign up for FlexJobs here.)

If you want to sign up for Virtual Vocations, you can click here.

If you don’t want to pay for a membership at all, consider Indeed. Just put “remote” in the “location” bar if you’re looking for work-at-home positions. Notably, Indeed is unlikely to have as many remote opportunities, partly because that’s not its focus. But it’s good and searching is free.

What their users say: From the Better Business Bureau:

I found my 1st part-time fully remote job and was hired on 12/2019 on virtual vocations. Just started my 2nd part-time hybrid job (remote combined with in-person responsibilities) on 7/11/22. Now I’ve got plenty of jobs and a much better income to support my family. I’ve shared the amazingness of VV with many friends, family, and ppl I network with on social media. My story is a miracle thanks to you

I started researching remote jobs when I found out my daughter was sick and needed to stay at home for school. I already had a position at our military hospital but they didn’t have the resources available to me to work from home. Applied to multiple jobs over the last couple of months and wasn’t really getting anywhere. Even though I had the skills needed, something wasn’t working for the companies I applied to. I found Virtual Vocations and followed their advice on how to beef up my resume and once I did, I started getting calls for interviews.

Job in 2 weeks

Excellent service! I had a job offer within the first two weeks. Totally worth the money. If you’re in search of a virtual vocation, do it!

I love the website. Found several interesting job postings and ended up finding a great job. I also really liked the tools for saving listings and adding notes to them. Thanks!

From SiteJabber

Virtual Vocations does not offer a unique product. The temptation for a job seeker is to sign up to an exclusive remote or work at home job opportunities but the major online employment agencies offer a curated and targeted job opportunities at no cost. Virtual Vocations is only interested in signing you up and billing your credit card company every month even though most of the job openings they advertise have either been filled or withdrawn and trying to terminate the account is an exercise in futility.

This company is a smooth running con-game. They spam the job boards with all their virtual jobs. When you see one of interest and click on the link, you are greeted with a page that requests you to set-up a free account (which necessitates giving your first name, last name, email address and password). Then after you establish your account and see the full job description and attempt to apply to it, you are greeted with a ‘premium membership page’ which requires you to pay $15 to apply to the position. Ridiculous con game! I cannot believe they have the presence they do on the job boards.

Worth it

This is a great site for the work from home professional. Each week there are new jobs posted with positions from start ups, medium companies and large companies. Although there is a small monthly fee, it is well worth it since the jobs have been verified before being posted.

From TrustPilot

I hate to pay for job search websites but this time it paid off. It’s difficult to find real remote positions as a lot of websites only search from your location zip code. I found quite a few job listings on this site that I could not find anywhere else. Had been searching for a job for nearly 2 months when I finally paid for this site and I had an interview within two weeks and got the job. Maybe I got lucky, but if I get desperate enough, I’d pay for this again.

Updated 2/16/2023

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