Tutors in subjects ranging from writing to math have plenty of academic tutoring sites to chose from. The sites we like best allow you to set your own rates and tutor online. Which sites are best for academic tutoring?

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Wyzant is the only site that we recommend for all tutors — no matter whether you tutor math or music; coding or dance. It’s well established, has a ton of regular clients, a good online interface for remote learning, and charges reasonable fees. Tutors set their own rates and schedules. The site takes a 25% commission when you book a client. Learn more about Wyzant here.

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Tutor Ocean

TutorOcean is a relatively young tutoring platform The site offers an online meeting space, with whiteboard and support. And it accepts tutors in nearly all subjects, including academic basics like reading and math. Tutors set their own rates. Commissions paid by tutors are relatively low, ranging  between 5% and 20%. But TutorOcean has a fraction of the web traffic (i.e. potential clients) as Wyzant. And, it’s an international platform, so you may be competing with tutors from developing countries who charge less. That said, you can sign up with both sites and cherry-pick your gigs.

Learn more about TutorOcean here.

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