Before most actors struck it big, they had other jobs to keep the lights on. One good job, that keeps you engaged in the field while earning enough to live on, is to teach acting. And there are three good sites that enlist freelancers to do just that.

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Teach acting

Our top recommendation for people who want to teach acting is Lessonface. LessonFace is an online marketplace that connects students with music, language and acting teachers. You can teach online or in person. The site has a great online interface that makes teaching online a breeze and charges some of the lowest fees in the industry, ranging from 4% to 15%. Read our full review of LessonFace here.

Or, you can sign up to teach with LessonFace here.


Technically, Wyzant is a broad tutoring platform. But when it comes to teaching acting, tutoring and teaching are really one in the same. What makes Wyzant attractive for teaching acting? The site allows teachers and tutors to set their own rates and availability. And, the site pulls in millions of visitors each month, which boosts your chance of finding students. The site also charges reasonable (25%) commissions for doing the marketing and collection for you. You can read our full review of Wyzant here.

Or, you can sign up to teach and tutor through Wyzant here.


Another alternative: TakeLessons. The site connects music, art, dance, acting and language teachers with students wanting to learn these skills. Registration for teachers is free, but TakeLessons will take a big bite of your pay when you book a new student. Read our full TakeLessons review here.

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