Want to coach athletics — baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis or any other sport? Several sites will help you find clients when you coach athletics. Better yet, they let you set the rates and schedule, and simply collect payment for you.

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Wyzant is the only site that we recommend for all tutors — no matter whether you tutor math or sports; coding or dance. You set your own rates and determine what to teach and when. The site helps by sharing your profile with millions of clients each month. Clients search for coaches by specialty or location. The site takes a 25% commission when you book work. Learn more about Wyzant here.

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CoachUp connects athletes with private coaches in pretty much any sport. In addition to creating the forum where coaches can advertise their services, the site covers coaches and kids booking through them with $1 million liability insurance policy. Coaches set their own rates and are paid by direct deposit within a week following a coaching session. CoachUp’s commissions are graduated, favoring those who book regular clients. Learn more about CoachUp here.

Athletes Untapped

A young site called Athletes Untapped can also help you find clients for in-person coaching. Like the others, this site lets you set your own rates and terms, including where and how to meet clients. However, at the moment, Athletes Untapped only operates in a few cities. It has grand expansion plans. But, for the moment, is only available to coaches and athletes in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Learn more about Athletes Untapped by reading our full review here.

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