If you’ve got mad coding skills and the patience to teach, these two sites can help you find students to teach coding. Like many STEM subjects, coding is a valuable high-demand skill. So, in addition to teaching, you also may want to sign up with sites like Toptal and Braintrust, where you can charge premium rates to code websites and apps.

That said, here are the two best sites to teach coding.

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Teach coding


Technically, you can tutor in any topic with Wyzant. But, it’s a top choice to teach coding because it gets millions of page views every month from parents and students looking for tutors of all types. The site only charges a commission when your coding services sell. It also allows tutors to set their own rates, which typically exceed $50 per hour in this highly-specialized field. Learn more about Wyzant here.

Or click here to sign up with Wyzant.


JuniLearning hires college students to teach coding and math. Tutors are hired as W-2 employees, which can be an advantage because the company pays and withholds taxes on your wages. That saves you from tax headaches at year end and also gives you an effective boost to your after-tax wages. (Social Security and Medicare taxes will otherwise cost you 7.65% of your wages.)

The site will work around you school schedule and employ you fairly regularly. So, this is a job you can count on to bring in some decent money. But starting pay is just $20. So you can earn considerably better hourly rates elsewhere.

Learn more about JuniLearning here.

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