The best moving jobs pay generously — up to $66 per hour. That’s the equivalent of $132,000 annual income, if you worked the standard 2,000-hour year.

However, the best-paying moving jobs often require a truck. And moving jobs go gangbusters in the spring and summer, but are fairly scarce in the winter time. So, you may need another side hustle to make money when the weather turns cold.

Best moving jobs, that don’t require a truck

That said, there are plenty of online platforms that can connect you with moving jobs. Here are the best options, broken down by whether or not you’ll need a truck to participate.


HireAHelper allows movers to list labor-only services on the site. This site is essentially a spot for professional movers who want to fill their downtime. You set your rates. Movers typically charge between $30 and $90 per hour here. You do, however, need to have a moving license to list. Want to know more? Click here to get the run-down on HireAHelper.

GoShare and TaskRabbit

Both GoShare and TaskRabbit will allow you to work as a mover, regardless of whether or not you have a truck. However, if you do have a truck, you’ll get paid more. 

At GoShare, if you don’t have a truck, you work as a “helper/courier” and earn between $33 and $47 per hour. (You will need a passenger car that meets GoShare requirements, however.) If you have a truck, you can earn up to $66 per hour, plus tips. Learn more about GoShare here.

With TaskRabbit, you set your own rates and terms. You can list your services to provide moving, packing or organizing here, for example. If you have a truck,  you can also offer to provide the moving and muscle. And you can charge a different amount for each one of those services, if you so choose. Find out more about TaskRabbit here

Moving jobs that require a truck 


It’s one of the less lucrative options, but Dolly will pay drivers $30 per hour, plus tips, to help people move. You can also work here without your own truck, but the hourly rates are pretty poor. Learn more about Dolly here.


Truxx helps people with trucks find people who need help moving. The site requires you to have a truck, auto insurance and be over the age of 18. It takes 30% of the delivery fee as a commission, but charges customers $60 to $70 per hour, depending on whether you’re helping people lift things into your truck. So you earn between $42 and $49 per hour. It also will book moving “helpers” (who do not need to have a truck) at a $30 per hour rate, giving those individuals $21 per hour. Want to learn more about Truxx? Click here.

Citizen Shipper

Citizen Shipper is designed for two things — to provide long-haul truckers who have extra room in their truck bed to make additional on-the-way deliveries– and for delivering pets. You negotiate directly with people looking to ship things, determining whether you’ve got the interest, room, and whether they’re willing to pay reasonable freight. You also collect payment directly from the shipment recipient. Citizen Shipper also has a handy tool to help you find other on-the-way deliveries. But the site charges you a monthly listing fee and charges a fee to the shipper too. Find out more about Citizen Shipper here.


uShip connects people wanting to ship things with the truck-owners/drivers who are willing to take the job. You set your own rates; the site takes just a 20% commission for doing the marketing and collection for you. More on uShip here.

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