Local moving jobs for people with trucks are some of the best paid side hustles available anywhere. Our favorite side hustle platform in the space says you’ll earn as much as $200 per hour, depending on the type of truck you drive.

Naturally, you need muscle — the ability to lift 50 pounds or more. And, since you’re paying for gas and maintenance, it’s not all profit. But, local moving jobs for people with trucks are still highly paid and desirable for people who want a physical job.

These are the two best places to find local moving jobs:


GoShare works with big box retailers, such as Costco, to provide delivery services. So, the site gets plenty of work to shell out. And GoShare’s payment formula promises a great hourly wage — as much as $200 per hour for drivers, depending on the type of vehicle you drive and whether your customers tip. You get paid via direct deposit within four days of completing a job. Learn more about GoShare here.


Citizen Shipper plays matchmaker between people who need help moving pets or possessions long distances, with the drivers willing and able to do it. Customers say what they need to ship, where, when, and, sometimes, how much they’re willing to pay. Drivers get notified about new jobs in their area and decide whether to bid or accept a proposed job. The site doesn’t take a commission on your earnings, but charges a small monthly membership fee. The site is particularly attractive for long-haul movers, who want to find additional on-the-way deliveries. Learn more about Citizen Shipper here.

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