Want to sell furniture and expensive items? Look for sites that have the most web traffic because that ensures that  the maximum number of potential customers will see your goods. That vastly increases the chance of selling for the best price. This suggests just two marketplaces — eBay and Amazon.


The eBay website, which sells everything from bobble-heads to heavy machinery, gets roughly 800 million visitors each month. That makes it the second-largest e-commerce site in the world. That makes it an ideal place to sell furniture and expensive items.

The site’s selling fees are also reasonable, ranging from 3% – 22% of the sales price. Fees are particularly important when selling furniture and other expensive items because most site fees are based on a percentage of the sales price. And while it will only cost you $1, if you pay a 10% commission on $10, your out-of-pocket costs when selling furniture and other expensive items soars. Pay 10% on $20,000 and you’re out $2,000.

And eBay at least attempts to address the issue of “seller extortion” — buyers who make false claims about sold products to get a discount or freebies. Several veteran sellers say it’s only place they are willing to list big-ticket items. (Clothing and shoes can get lost in the shuffle here, though.) Learn more about eBay here.


OfferUp is a peer-to-peer sales site that allows most people to list and sell items for free. Modeled after CraigsList, this app works well for local sales. Things like sofas and pool tables, that would be expensive to ship, are well served by this site. But don’t use their shipping option. It’s the source of pretty much all the complaints about this otherwise highly effective –and free — sales site. Learn more about OfferUp here.

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