Bingo Cash promises to pay cash for playing online games, but bombards users with endless advertisements.

Expected pay: none

Husl$core: $

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide / international

Requirements: 18 or older; smart phone

Bingo Cash review

Bingo Cash is an online bingo game that promises cash for playing. But, in reality, few users get past the cacophony of advertisements that you need to watch to play the game.

How it works

Once you download this game on your smart phone, Bingo Cash will lead you through a number of “tips” that tell you how to play. Every tip starts after an advertisement. And there are many, many tips.

If you manage to get past the “tips,” there are apparently more advertisements before you can access the game. How many more and whether you can ever play the game or somehow win cash as promised is unclear. All the reviewers we found said they uninstalled the app before they ever played a single Bingo game.


Ironically, the game’s description says that Bingo isn’t a tough game to play. From their description: Bingo Cash Win real money isn’t an especially tough game to play, which is probably why its enthusiasts swear by the experience itself.”  So why all the playing “tips”? Because this game is clearly not about playing bingo. It’s about making the developers money by getting you to watch advertisements.

You can read all you need to know about this game — or lack thereof — by reading “what their users say” below.

Abusive terms

Bingo Cash is one of several games developed by a company called Papaya. These games —Solitaire Cash, Bubble Cash and 21 Cash — all find imaginative and deceptive ways to deny users the cash that they were promised for playing. Quick summary of what the dozen pages of legalese in their “terms and conditions” tells you:

  • The games don’t have to be fair.
  • The value of any rewards you earn can be changed by the company at any time.
  • The site can boot you at any time for any reason and seize any money built up in your account.


Even if you’re playing solely for fun, there are better ways to do it. These games are not worth the storage space.

There are a handful of games that really will pay you to play. However, the amount they pay is minimal, so you’ll never earn anything close to minimum wage here. But, if you have an Android phone and are bored and looking for a smart phone game, check out Rewarded Play or Mistplay.

If you actually want to make money, check out our Quiz to find a side hustle that will suit you.

What their users say (from Google Play)

Apparently I’m too stupid to play…I can’t get past the “tips” to get a game board. As others have said, the number of ads are “cruel and unusual punishment.” Uninstalling without being allowed to play a single game.

Not even able to get to start just keeps taking me through all your tips. I just wanted to play the game not learn as if I am 5 years old. Then after all the tips and info to nor even get to play come on.

Just ads, no bingo

This is a fake game, it’s just ads, no bingo. It just keeps getting you to click NEXT and after every click there is an add.

I don’t care about your tips, I just want to play the game and all y’all are doing is showing tips I have to click next on and you show and ad after each tip. Once I get through the tips you still can’t take me to the game without showing me all this extra stuff with 100 more ads! All while my wife is sitting here playing with no ads and didn’t pay to remove them. Whatever your deal is figure it out!


I completely understand the ads, as they are responsible for payment. However, after watching each and every tip multiple times (ads included) I still have yet to even find the option to play the actual game. Uninstalling this bogus app immediately!

Never got to play. Just ads, then tips which were also just ads, get to the end with no option to go forward only back requiring you to watch every ad again. If all I wanted to do was watch ads I would just watch live tv.

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