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What: BookScouter helps college students both buy and sell their text books for a better price by using algorithms to send the sale to the best marketplace

Commissions & Fees: none

Husl $core: $$$$$

Where: Nationwide

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BookScouter helps college students both buy and sell their text books for a better price. The site uses algorithms that search for books by ISBN number (a Social Security number for books) on other seller’s sites.

You pay nothing for this service. BookScouter makes its money through affiliate marketing by essentially sending your sale (or purchase) to the site that’s offering the best price. The site also rates sellers, trying to warn you if there’s a seller that consistently gets bad reviews.

Also nice. There is a $29.99 “pro” option for those who want to sell hundreds of text books, but that’s not necessary for your average side hustle so it’s not included in the rating here. 

Don’t get the silly notion that you’re going to get rich selling back your text books, though. They’re still going to be overpriced when you buy them and sell for significantly less when you sell them. That said, this site/app makes selling a relative breeze. (Click here to sign up)


Amazon also has a vibrant market for used book sales that’s worth checking out. 

If you have rare or collectible books that you want to sell, check out AbeBooks, which specializes in high-priced rare volumes.

What their users say:

Roderick, a blogger at One More Cup of Coffee, did a detailed review, including user ratings and comments.  The short version: It’s a nice little app.