Category: Work Clean

  • Turno


    Turno connects housekeepers with owners of short-term rentals for quick turnaround cleans Expected pay: You set it Husl$core: $$$

  • Hampr


    Hampr is an on-demand laundry service that enlists freelancers to wash other people’s clothes Expected pay: $7 – $26 per load Husl$core: $$$

  • Hyre


    Hyre enlists freelancers to work as servers, bartenders, cleaners and general laborers  in hospitality, health care and event security. Expected pay: You set it Husl$core: $$$$

  • Bacon


    Bacon connects warehouse, catering, cleaning and event workers with companies that need temporary help. Expected pay: $10 – $25 per hour Husl$core: $$$

  • Poplin


    Poplin, previously known as SudShare, connects people who need wash and fold services with freelancers willing to pick up, clean, fold and deliver their laundry. Expected pay: $10 to $25 per hour Husl$core: $$$

  • SudShare


    Sudshare, now known as Poplin, invites freelancers to sign up to provide wash and fold laundry services for their neighbors. Expected pay: $10 to $25 per hour Husl$core: $$$

  • Taskrabbit


    Taskrabbit connects freelancers with work in a wide array of jobs, from cleaning and delivery to decorating and construction. Expected pay: You set the rate Husl$core: $$$$$

  • HelpAroundTown


    HelpAroundTown is a job-listing site that aims to connect individuals and businesses needing help with willing workers. Expected pay: varies by job Husl$core: $$$$

  • JiffyOnDemand


    Jiffy is a website where you can register as a provider of handyman services, ranging from plumbing and electrical work to cleaning and yard maintenance Expected pay: $40 – $85 per hour Husl$core: $$$$

  • Nextdoor


    Nextdoor is a social networking site that allows you to post items for sale, find a job, lend or rent your personal items, ranging from camping equipment to carpet cleaners. Commissions & fees: none Husl$core: $$$$