Hyre enlists freelancers to work as servers, bartenders, cleaners and general laborers  in hospitality, health care and event security.

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: 2% paid by workers; 20% paid by employers

Where: Toronto, Ottowa, Montreal and Guelph, Canada; London

Requirements: 18 or older, pass a background check and have relevant experience

What is Hyre?

Hyre is a staffing company that enlists freelancers to work as servers, bartenders, cleaners and laborers in hospitality, health care and event security.

How it works

To use the Service, you must be at least 18 years old and register by creating a profile describing your background and qualifications. In the process of registering, you’ll say how much you expect to earn for each position that you say you’re qualified to take.

The site will verify your credentials and order a background check. Assuming you pass both tests, your profile will go public and you will be able to be matched with potential employers.

Setting your pay

While setting your own pay is an advantage, it’s also a bit of an art. Why? When an employer says they’re looking for someone with your qualifications, you only get matched with that job if the employer is willing to pay your rate.

So, if you set your rate too high, you’ll miss out on opportunities that you might otherwise have wanted to nab.

Taking shifts

Assuming your rate falls below the maximum rate set by an organizer, the organizer will be able to invite you to work a shift. You will also be able to see shifts and have the ability to select shifts you want under the “find shifts’”tab on your account. Once you select an open shift, you are booked for it.

No shows

If you cannot make a shift that you have agreed to work, you must inform Hyre at least 48 hours in advance. Failing to provide at least 48 hours of advance notice that you cannot work at a shift — or no-showing — could subject you to a cancelation fee of up to $150. You may subcontract your Shift to an equally qualified Hyre colleague to avoid this cancellation fee.

What if you’re legitimately sick and couldn’t plan ahead? Notify Hyre and/or the organizer. The organizer has ultimate discretion of whether the no-show fee applies.

Notably, employers can be subject to cancellation fees too. If the employer cancels a shift within 24-hours of the start, they must pay you for at least four hours, unless you find a replacement shift in the meantime.

Starting a shift

Staff are expected to arrive 15 minutes early, dressed and ready for their shift. Showing up late can result in both bad ratings and a $50 late fee. Discretion of whether to impose the late fee is left to Hyre, so you may not get dinged when there’s some extraordinary reason for being late.

Organizers/employers must rate every Hyre staff member following the event. After three shifts, the Hyre staff member gets a rating.

Getting paid

Staff pay goes out via direct deposit once a month on the 15th of the month for shifts worked in the previous month. For example, if you worked in July, you will be paid on August 15th.


Hyre gets generally favorable ratings from staff members, but is available in a limited geographic area. If you are in Canada in one of the cities Hyre supports, you can sign up here. 

If you live elsewhere, you may want to check out Qwick, Wonolo, Jitjatjo or BlueCrew.

What their users say (from the Apple App store)

Made 2k in 10 days. Wasn’t expecting it but I kept getting gigs all over Toronto. I’ve only been on the app for a few months. I keep getting more work and its pretty fun. Cool app 🙂

I hate calling. I love that fact I can pick up a shift once I get up out of my bed.

From Indeed

The experience is one of a kind, most of the supervisors are friendly and you get to go to different places and meet new people. Best for someone looking for a side gig as some seasons are not busy.

Working in multiple locations keep things interesting, and most people are really helpful if you have questions or need something, feel free. You can control and schedule your shifts which is a plus.

Working at hyre is great for anyone looking for part time work. The management team I’ve spoken to so far has been super nice, and are so accommodating. I was looking for extra shifts because I got laid off from my other job because of COVID and they made sure to contact me as soon as they had something available for me. They also always make sure that I’m comfortable working a specific shift because of COVID and always remind me of any new opportunities. Overall great team to work for!


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