If you are looking for freelance cosmetology jobs, there are a a couple of platforms that can help find you clients and one that can help you with scheduling and collection. Here’s the skinny on cosmetology jobs.


Priv, formerly known as BeGlammed, connects customers with personal care specialists ranging from beauticians to personal trainers. These jobs involve traveling to the customer, often to help them prepare for special events such as weddings and television appearances. And the pay is generous. Customer rates range from $50 to $175 per hour. The worker keeps 60% – 80% of that amount, plus the bulk of the tip. Learn more about Priv here.


GlamSquad, like Priv, recruits beauticians to go to client homes and do their hair, make-up, nails, etc. for special occasions. While GlamSquad appears to charge clients more, the site also appears to pay cosmetologists less — at least, if the pay estimates on Glassdoor can be trusted. Learn more about GlamSquad here.


For $35 a month, Style Seat proposes to put your beauty shop online, provide scheduling, payment and marketing services. The site does not manage your pricing or affect your business in any other way. However, it does provide marketing by bringing up your salon whenever a consumer in your geographic area searches for a relevant service, listing your prices and reviews. Learn more about StyleSeat here.

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