If you want to work as a personal trainer or coach, you probably already know that you can apply to work for a gym like Equinox or 24-Hour Fitness. What you may not know is that a handful of online platforms can also help you find clients for your personal training or coaching business.

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The best of those:


CoachUp connects athletes with trainers and coaches of virtually any type of sport. There are few requirements. But the does stipulate that you be over age 18 and have some coaching credentials. You set your rates. But know that the sites fees are high, particularly for new bookings. Learn more about CoachUp here.


Fiverr has evolved into a marketplace where freelancers of nearly all stripes can earn five- and six-figure incomes.  The site’s “lifestyle and fitness” category includes dozens of people selling diet and fitness services from $15 to more than $100 per “package.” You determine what’s included in the package — whether it’s video-taped sessions; written material; video classes, etc. — and whether your personal training and coaching services are done online or in person. Find out more about Fiverr here.

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