Deep cleaning jobs involve sticky, gooey work. But they pay extremely well. Whether it’s cleaning barbecues, baby gear or drier vents, you’re likely to earn upwards of $30 an hour. Where can you market your deep cleaning services?

Here are the two best sites to find deep cleaning work.

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TaskRabbit lets workers determine what services they offer and set their own rates. The site helps by telling you what the average charge is for various services in your area, so you don’t price yourself out of competition. If you’re willing to do “deep cleaning” jobs in Los Angeles, for example, the site says the average freelancer charges $58 per hour. You can also list your organizing service here. TaskRabbit is available in major cities nationwide. Learn more about TaskRabbit here.

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JiffyOnDemand charges $200 to have a three-burner barbecue cleaned; $300 to clean air conditioning ducts; and $150 for cleaning out a dryer vent. The freelancer/contractor who does this work takes home at least 82% of that, paying between 12% and 18% to the platform for finding the client and collecting payment. Unfortunately, Jiffy is only available in a few cities. Here’s the skinny on Jiffy.

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