What: Sell your art on t-shirts and hoodies with print-on-demand

Commissions and fees: Not applicable (you earn a set price, based on the product sold)

Husl$core: $$$

Where: Nationwide

Review: Like the other print-on-demand shops, Design by Humans allows you to upload your art and turn it into t-shirts and phone cases, providing you with a royalty for every product sold. The site has a smaller product mix than Society6 and Redbubble, but offers a somewhat more generous royalty rate — at least for the first 90 days that you’re on the site. After that, it’s roughly comparable to the other major sites. Unfortunately, reviewers say that the quality isn’t up to snuff, which gives your beautiful art a poor canvas. There are also plenty of complaints about the Design by Humans’ customer service.

Society6 and Rebbubble (linked above) appear to be better bets. 

What their users say: (These reviews from Yelp are edited only for space and grammar.)

“While they have AWESOME designs, their customer service and overall organization SUCKS. I placed an order a week before Christmas. I knew that my order would not arrive on time for Christmas, and I was alright with that. However, upon placing the order, I did not receive an order confirmation (or a shipping confirmation a couple days later), and after about a week of nothing, I began trying to contact their customer service. I first tried to contact them through the contact form on their website (MULTIPLE times!), and when I didn’t get an answer, I tried emailing them directly, but received NO RESPONSE at all for any of the times I tried! At this point, it had been 2 weeks without any order or shipping confirmation. I wasn’t sure if they robbed me or if their website was out of business or what! It was a weekend that I decided to call, but they did not accept calls on the weekends, so I had to wait until Monday. That Monday (Week 3), before I had a chance to call them, I received my package with the 3 sweatshirts I ordered. The sweater quality isn’t all that (they’re light), and I thought about sending them back because by this time, I ordered from another sweatshirt company that I KNEW I would get my items from. But I thought against it in fear that they would never refund me and continue to be unresponsive. I would have been okay with the wait if I had gotten some type of communication from them, but since I didn’t, I really thought I would have to submit a case with my credit card! DBH caused me a huge, unnecessary scare! I don’t know if their cool designs are worth the risk, but that’s up to you! Their clothing is quite expensive for their poor customer service and overall crappy business performance!”

“The poster I ordered was defective. It had a large white stripe across it. I also noticed that the resolution was terrible. Major JPEG artifacts. Clearly the image they used was blown up too large. I asked for a refund, but the best they could do was a replacement. No white stripe through the middle of the image, but the same crappy resolution.”

“Good luck getting in touch with the customer service here in any kind of reasonable timeline !They will only respond to requests of any kind via computer,-and you will usually have to wait for 24-72hours. The size charts are weird, and they make you pay shipping for exchanges. Screw that! What a frustrating experience!!!!! Im sure I can find someone better to buy t-shirts from! Update: I got my new shirt, The printed design on it looks great, but the size that they sent me was very close to the one that I had sent back because it was too small, it was almost like it was like the same shirt with a bigger tag on it.:(  Through my options here front somewhat limited because I don’t believe that they had a large or a larger size,and I’m a huge, I’m like a size 12 or 14. There’s no reason why  an extra large or an extra extra large shouldn’t fit me. it’s a shame that I can’t trust these people to be consistent with their sizes, because I really like the designs of their T-shirts. “


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