What: Threadless allows you to sell your art on t-shirts and shower curtains with their print-on-demand service but has quality issues

Commissions and fees: none

Husl$core: $$$

Where: Nationwide


Threadless is a print-on-demand site that allows artists to set up their own shop for free. Artists upload their work; decide which products to put it on; and then price it by looking at the Threadless base price and adding their own mark-up.

This could allow the artist to earn significantly more than they earn on other print-on-demand sites, such as Society6 and Redbubble, but there’s one catch. Recent reviews of Threadless product quality have been rotten, with reviewers complaining about designs peeling off Threadless t-shirts and the site’s unfriendly return policy.

Since having your art on t-shirts is about more than just selling the shirt — its about extending your brand — you probably want to be careful with this site, despite the potentially higher royalties, until they get a handle on their quality control. 

What their customers say: 

Daily Tekk says the Threadless t-shirts shrank pretty badly. 

TrustPilot reviews said Threadless t-shirts were oddly sized and bad quality.

SiteJabber reviews were mixed. 


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