Dude I Need A Truck is a micro-moving service that enlists freelancers to use their own trucks and gas to help people move things

Expected pay: $20 – $30 per hour

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 40%

Where: California and Austin, Tx.

Requirements: Be 21 or older; have a 2001 or newer truck; pass a background check; have auto insurance; be able to lift at least 50 lbs; smart phone

What is Dude I Need a Truck?

Dude I Need a Truck is a cut-rate moving service that enlists freelancers, who have trucks, to help people move. Moves can involve a single item or two, or an entire apartment full of goods.


Dude I Need a Truck likes to bill itself as a cross between Uber and UHaul. It advertises low-costs moves to consumers, at rates of around $60 per hour.

Then it assigns these moves to freelance drivers and pays them about 60% of what it collected from the consumer.

Good for customers

Customer reviews of Dude’s moving service on Yelp are mostly positive, saying the movers were nice — and cheap. After all, even paying $60 an hour for movers is a bargain for the consumer. Most moving companies charge hundreds of dollars an hour.

…But not for freelancers

But for the freelance movers, the deal isn’t anywhere near as good. Although $20 or $30 an hour isn’t bad pay, you’re using your truck and your gas. So, your net pay is somewhat — or a lot — lower, depending on how far you need to drive.

Moreover, other moving services that enlist freelancers pay a lot more. GoShare, for instance, says that if you drive a pick-up truck, you can earn up to $80 an hour there.

How it works

People who want to work here must have a truck that’s a 2001 or newer; be able to lift 50 pounds; and be able to pass a background check. Assuming they can meet that criteria, they can download the app; create a profile and start taking jobs.

The site sets the rates and takes 40% of what customers pay. But the freelancers do the heavy (literally) lifting and use their own trucks, gas, insurance, and phones.

Limited reach

The Dude app also has a very limited reach, only available in select California cities and Austin, Texas.


If you’ve got a truck and the muscles to help people with moving, we think you’d do better by signing up with Citizen Shipper, uShip or GoShare. You can also list moving services on TaskRabbit and set your own rates.

Moreover, you could offer your services via social media site Nextdoor and pay no commissions to anyone.

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