What: Dude I Need a Truck is a micro-moving service that utilizes side hustlers with trucks to move everything from Costco and Ikea purchases to the contents of entire house or apartment

Expected pay: $20- $30 an hour

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & Fees: 40% of job amount

Where: California and Austin, Tx.

Requirements: Be 21 or older; have a 2001 or newer truck; pass a background check; have auto insurance; be able to lift at least 50 lbs; smart phone


Dude I Need a Truck likes to bill itself as a cross between Uber and UHaul. It’s an app that connects people who need something moved with able-bodied individuals who can use their own trucks to help. The site sets the rates and takes 40% of what customers pay, while you do the heavy (literal) heavy lifting and use your car, gas, insurance and phone. 

Yelp reviews of Dude’s movers are generally positive. But few movers have reviewed the relatively young and small site. Our view: Although $20 – $30 an hour isn’t bad pay, the site’s commission is exorbitant and the app is only available in select California cities. If you’ve got a truck and the muscles to help people with moving, we’d suggest you check out Citizen Shipper, Truxx and Dolly

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