If what you’re looking for in a side hustle is ease, you’re in luck. There are a variety of easy side hustles. But, don’t expect them to pay you like a professional. Generally speaking, easy side hustles pay between a few bucks and $25 an hour. And the easier the side hustle, the less it pays.

The bright side of the easy, but poor-paying, side hustles is that they can be done from your couch, car, or an airport — anywhere where you’ve got a web connection and a few minutes to spare. Side hustles that pay more generously are still easy, but they do expect you to get off the couch.

Here’s where you can find easy side hustles and what they pay.

Easy side hustles with decent pay

If you’re an animal lover and don’t mind a walk, it’s easy to make considerably more than minimum wage by signing on as a dog walker or pet-sitter. In fact, the pandemic pet-adoption craze is fueling huge demand for people willing to give homebound pets a potty break now that people are being called back into their offices.

Dog-walking and pet-sitting sites Rover and Wag allow freelancers to set their own rates and offer multiple animal-care services on their platforms. Pet-sitters typically charge $15-$25 for a 15-30 minute check-up or walk. Overnight pet-sitting, at your house or theirs, usually costs $25 – $50 per night. Even after paying a commission to the platform, these rates leave you with decent hourly wages. And, since you set your own rates and terms, if you’re underpaid, it’s your own fault. 

Provide reviews

Product Tube is a consumer research firm that pays consumers to do short — 2 to 4-minute –surveys and product reviews on video. The video is shot on your phone at home or in a store, depending on the assignment. Payments range from $5 to $35 per assignment and are made via Amazon gift card, usually within a few days of completing the assignment.

Ivueit matches freelancers with businesses that want photos of their commercial property to check on maintenance or the status of repairs. Each assignment requires about 10 to 15 minutes to take photos and answer a short survey. Pay ranges from $5 to $32.


The jobs are few and far between, but if you happen to be picked for a focus group, you’ll generally get paid between $20 and $75 per hour. The best sites to find focus group work are FindFocusGroups and FieldWork.

Wrap your car with ads

Several sites, including Wrapify and Carvertise, will pay you to wrap your car with advertising. Pay ranges from about $50 to $450 per month based on the advertiser and how much you drive. However, the only work you need to do is bring your car to a designated shop to have it wrapped. You otherwise drive as normal.

Couch potato options

They don’t pay as much, but these easy side hustles are perfect for couch potatoes, who prefer work that can be done from the comfort of a sofa.

Review books

U.S. Review of Books pays between $25 and $75 for book reviews. Since you’ve got to read the book before you review it, the hourly pay here is pretty low. But, if you are an avid reader and would be doing that anyway, it’s a financial incentive for participating in your passion. And, unlike its competitor, OnlineBookClub, if you are assigned a review and complete it, U.S. Review will pay you as promised. (OnlineBookClub also promises to pay for reviews, but many reviewers say the site demands a lot of reviewers and finds a variety of ways to deny payments.) 

Answer questions

Most survey sites pay rotten wages, but some are better than others.

Prolific, for example, works with major universities and research centers that study everything from politics to consumer behavior. Each study pays differently but the pay and time commitment is disclosed up-front so you can pick and choose the surveys you’re willing to do. Many surveys take only a few minutes, so you might only get 50 cents or a dollar per survey. Still, the pay range works out to roughly $6 to $12 per hour.

Prolific also does all eligibility screening upfront based on the profile that you fill out when you join. That means you’ll never be disqualified from a survey after starting to answer questions, which is one of the main complaints with other paid survey sites, such as Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

Surrender your privacy

The one poorly paid side hustle that we don’t recommend is Invisibly. This site acts as your agent, selling your private information to companies. The information they want to peddle ranges from your internet browsing history to where you bank.

Pay is currently estimated at $2 to $5 per month. All you have to do for that payment is allow the company to electronically spy on you. Of course, some companies are doing that already, often without the transparency that Invisibly offers. However, at these low payment levels, we don’t think it offers a good risk/reward trade-off.

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