Another easy side hustle involves answering survey questions. The bad news? Most survey sites pay poorly, though there are some exceptions. The bright side is that answering survey questions is one of the few side hustles you can do while watching television. These are our favorite sites for answering survey questions.

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Prolific works with major universities and research centers that study everything from politics to consumer behavior. Each study pays differently but the pay and time commitment is disclosed up-front so you can pick and choose the surveys you’re willing to do. Many surveys take only a few minutes, so you might get just 50 cents or a dollar per survey. Still, the pay range works out to roughly $4 to $15 per hour, which is far and away the highest pay we’ve found with a survey site. Learn more about Prolific here.

Survey Junkie

There are a lot of sites that pay for answering survey questions for corporate market research. Of these, we like Survey Junkie the best. The reasons? While most surveys pay the equivalent of a few bucks an hour, Survey Junkie has occasional product review opportunities that can get you free stuff; sponsors some online focus groups that pay well –between $25 and $150 for a few hours of work. And it will sometimes enlist you for telephone product interviews that pay $5 to $100. It is also highly transparent. You can learn more here.

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