If you have a smart phone and are over the age of 18, you can sign up to snap photos for pay. Several companies enlist freelancers to provide photographic status reports on properties and visuals on accident claims.

There’s no need for photographic artistry here. You simply need to shoot clearly at the requested subject. (If you’re a photographic talent, see options for photographers for better paying gigs.)

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These jobs don’t pay much, but they’re quick and easy. Here are the companies that will pay you to snap photos, listed from highest to lowest paying.

Proxy Pics

ProxyPics works with appraisers and property managers to get visual updates on real estate. The site pays freelancers between $10 and $125 to snap photos for each job. The cheaper jobs involve taking a photo or two from the street outside of a property. The more lucrative work involves setting up an appointment with the homeowner or property manager and taking inside shots. Learn more about ProxyPics here.


Ivueit matches freelancers with businesses that need you to snap photos of their commercial property to check on maintenance or the status of repairs. Projects are usually quick. Each assignment requires about 10 to 15 minutes to snap photos and answer a short survey about the condition of the property that was photographed. And pay ranges from $5 to $32. Find out more about Ivueit here.

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