If you love to talk about what you like and loathe, you might be perfect for focus groups. Focus groups gather anywhere from a few people to dozens of participants to meet and opine about products and services. Most are held in person, however, some convene online. Pay ranges from $15 to more than $75 per hour.

Here are your best options:


FindFocusGroups is a marketplace for connecting companies needing market research and people willing to participate in focus groups. It doesn’t operate the meetings. Instead, FindFocusGroups collects data on the research firms that are seeking focus group participants. It then asks you questions to match you with the right research facility. There’s no charge for the matching service, which is available nationwide. Learn more about FindFocusGroups here.

Field Work

Field Work arranges focus groups in major cities across the U.S., sometimes paying $100 an hour or more to participants. Doctors and medical professionals — nurses, lab techs, medical office managers and others — are in particular demand. And this research often pays even more than the ordinary studies. Learn more about Field Work here.


Live in Michigan and like to opine about products of all types? Sign up with Shifrin-Hayworth. You don’t need any special qualifications to register. Studies typically require anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. And you earn between $100 and $250. Shifrin-Hayworth specializes in market research for medical products, so if you’re a Michigan medical professional, it is a particularly attractive. Learn more about Shifrin-Hayworth here.

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