Sell: EcoATM is a service that allows you to deposit your cell phone, tablet or MP3 player and get paid a small amount on the spot

Expected pay: NA

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & Fees: Not applicable

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be over 18 and have a valid ID


EcoATM, which bought Gazelle in 2015, operates kiosks all over the U.S. that will take your cell phone and pay you cash for it on the spot.

The prices you’ll get at the kiosks are significantly less than what you could expect by selling online, however. This may be partly because crooks could use kiosks as a way of getting cash for stolen phones before anyone could catch them. EcoATM warns that it has security cameras set up; will open its machines for law enforcement; and it takes the ID of every person selling a cell at its kiosks. But, it still seems clear that they low-ball and are only appropriate for people desperate for cash. 

If you’re willing to take $100 less for your cell phone just to get the money a few days faster, EcoATM can help. But it may be time to rethink the budgeting strategy that’s left you this desperate for cash.

If you want to sell your cell phone quickly, but are not thoroughly desperate, other sites are better. Consider: Gazelle, TheWhizCells and ItsWorthMore.

What their users say: (from the Flipsy blog)

“….As you can see, online buyback companies tend to pay out more than ecoATM (however, ecoATM often pays out more than carriers and other trade-in services, particularly for Samsung S series phones and iPads). It’s worth noting that the prices quoted for ecoATM represent the company’s highest payouts, per the company’s website, while the prices quoted for buyback companies are for devices in “good” condition – which means if you have a device in “very good” or “like new” condition, you can expect to be paid even more for it.”

From Google Play

“Really? I just got a brand new phone. Straight out of the box. Had it for a month. Then my brother upgraded and gave me his phone (the one I really wanted). The phone I just bought was $180, so I figured I’d try and get at least some of it back. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. The thing offered me $2 for in “Like new” condition and nothing below. Really?!? Brand new $180 phone and it’s $2. What a rip off. Guarantee you they would make a WHOLE lot more than a couple bucks off my phone. I’ll sell it on Craigslist.”

“SCAM! What a SCAM my Android LG phone is new and has KitKat 4.4 and it says it has NO retail value! They want you to put a Samsung S7 in so they can give you 5 dollars!”

“Eco A Trick More (ATM) to take your money. You’re way better off selling it on eBay or Craigslist. Unless you want to be given only a fraction of the the actual market price.”

“Just google sell your phone for cash. There are so many better places. This is just to recycle broken old phones.”

“Wtf This company is a joke. I understand getting a low price, but they almost want it for free. 16 dollars for a mint S5 or 20 dollars for a mint iPhone 5s? What a gd joke. This company won’t be around long.”

“You have gotta be kidding. Offered me 9 bucks for a Samsung Windows phone.. I sold it on ebay for $284 within 8 hours of their offer.”

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