Engineers have great full-time job options, but a handful of platforms also connect you with short-term and part-time engineering gigs. Here are a few platforms that can help you find flexible engineering gigs.

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SMA Inc.

SMA Inc. enlists highly skilled freelancers to complete project work for aerospace, engineering, construction and technology companies worldwide. The Irvine-based company, in business since 1982, is a long-time defense and government contractor, providing ample work for the 700 or so freelancers already accepted into its system.

The firm launched TOD — Talent on Demand — in 2017 to pull more talent into its pool of ready workers. By clicking on “Jobs at SMA” under the firm’s “careers” tab, applicants can find dozens of open positions paying as much as $156 per hour — the equivalent of $300,000 per year. Learn more about SMA here.


FlexJobs curates telecommuting, part-time and other flexible job opportunities, to find legitimate opportunities for remote and flexible work in all fields. The site charges a monthly membership fee, but members say it’s well worth the cost. The site also has a blog post about companies that regularly offer remote engineering positions. Learn more about FlexJobs here.

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FairyGodBoss is a job search site that can be used by anyone, but specializes in helping women find work in almost any industry. In addition, the site ranks employers by how well they treat women. Employers get a score based on promotion possibilities, maternity leave policies and the number of women in management positions. Learn more about FairyGodBoss here.

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