Fashionphile is a used clothing and accessory site that will buy your luxury designer handbags, shoes and watches for resale.

Expected pay: NA

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: designer shoes, handbags and/or watches.

Fashionphile review

At one time, Fashionphile would allow consumers to consign their designer luxury items for resale on the site. Now Fashionphile simply buys expensive designer handbags, shoes and watches directly and sells them itself. Consumers can bring their designer items into a physical location. (You can find Fashionphile’s physical locations here.) Or, if there’s no local store, you can set up an appointment to have the store’s buyers connect via video call.

To be sure, you probably will not earn as much selling to a reseller like Fashionphile as you would selling directly through a site like Poshmark. However, selling to Fashionphile is easier than marketing items yourself. And their purchase offers are good for 30 days, so if you think you can do better, you can try to market your items without them and use their offer as a fail-safe, if you don’t achieve a quick sale elsewhere.

No fakes allowed

The one risk in selling here is the site is only interested in authentic, designer goods. If your handbag is missing a tag and could be a knock-off, the site will not only reject your item, it will charge you a fee for “authentication.” That fee is $75 for most items, but $125 for Hermes, Birkin and Kelly brands. You will not get your item back until you pay the fee. Notably, too, authentication is not an exact science. Several consumers complained that they had items — that they purchased from Fashionphile — rejected as “fakes” when they tried to sell them.


If you have designer items to sell and don’t want to take the time to negotiate with individual consumers, Fashionphile is a good bet. However, if you’re willing to take your time with the sale, you’re likely to do better with Poshmark. What about TheRealReal or Mercari? does not recommend these sites. You can learn why in our RealReal and Mercari reviews.

Want to try Fashionphile?

Here’s a direct link to the Fashionphile site.

What their users say (from Yelp):

People are very professional and effective. Payout is way better than RealReal.

Adrian is a great buyer and I get good pricing for my luxury bags and shoes.

First time selling anything with Fashionphile and it was such a great experience. First of all, love their location in  Neiman Marcus, it was fun to browse while they authenticated my items. Love that they pay upfront and I was pleasantly surprised with the amount they gave me for items that were just taking up space in my closet. I have sold items at other places in town before and I really preferred this experience.

Many years ago, I sent them an authentic Chanel scarf and they deemed it Fake because it did not have a Chanel tag attached. Anyway I had their manager review it again and again and it was discovered to be 100% authentic. But they err on the side of caution on authenticity issues. Nevertheless, the Chanel pink scarf sold for a very high price in consignment.

EXPECT TO BE HORRIBLE LOWBALLED only to see items listed at highway robbery prices.

Problems with “fakes”

I bought a Burberry Rucksack from them back in 2019 and decided to sell it back to them after a year of owning it. They inspected the bag and sent me an e-mail claiming my Burberry, THE BURBERRY PURCHASED FROM THEM, is fake. I am currently in a battle to ask for my full refund based on their ‘life time return policy’ for unauthentic items. But overall I am furious with this company and their authentication team because each authenticator seems to have a different claim over one item. Obviously someone claimed it was authentic or else I wouldn’t have been the poor soul to purchase this bag to now be told by another authenticator that it’s a fake.

I’ve sold to Fashionphile and bought from Fashionphile for many years. I bought a Chanel ring from them many years ago and wanted to sell it back to them. Well lo and behold they deemed it fake. But the authentication team won’t tell me why AND they want me to pay $75 to get my item back.

Updated 11/12/2021




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