Poshmark is a peer-to-peer sales site where you can sell clothing, shoes, purses and accessories

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: 20%

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements:Be of legal age (usually that’s 18); smart phone

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a fashion sales site that encourages you to use your social media presence to sell your new and used fashion, from clothing to accessories.

How it works

To load items for sale, you sigh up, take photos with your smart phone, upload, price and describe what you’re selling. It’s quick and easy. And by signing up through a third party — think Facebook — you can potentially boost the eyeballs on your Poshmark “closet” and increase the chance of selling your goods quickly.

If the item sells, Poshmark provides you with postage and you mail the product directly to the buyer.

Buyers have three days to check out what they purchased and, potentially, return it. Otherwise, you get paid via direct deposit within 2 to 3 days of the sale being accepted.

Commissions and fees

The site charges a 20% commission. And although that seems a little high, sellers don’t have to pay for shipping. So it doesn’t appear excessive. Sellers’ main gripe is that customer support is missing in action.  And, a few complained about scammers.

But, by and large, sellers on this site appear to be satisfied with both the platform and their ability to find buyers here. An increasing number of readers tell us it’s their favorite site to sell clothing and accessories — far better than competitor Mercari.


That said, bad buyers frequent almost every sale site. And Poshmark appears to have better sales and less abuse than most.

In fact, many sellers rave about the site. And many have told us it’s the best place to “sell your closet.”

You can sign up with Poshmark here. Other sales sites worth considering include eBay, Amazon and Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp for local sales.

What their users say: (from SiteJabber)

“I recommend all to use Poshmark – just be smart about it. Unfortunately there are peeps who will take advantage both buying and selling”.

“I have bought over 150 items and sold about $2000 worth…I’ve had no issues as a seller other than low-ballers and people asking question that are already in the description because they don’t like to read.”

“Made a $1600 first sale on Poshmark and got the funds after 3 days from delivery confirmation. Even better than Ebay in which my $6000 fund had been on hold for 21 days. Poshmark is awesome for sellers as well as buyers”

Bad buyers

“I posted a blouse, depicted all angles of the blouse, blouse sold. Everything on the blouse was obviously ok because there wasn’t a hidden inch of fabric. Buyer receives blouse and claims it was not as described. I read that and I was like ok, it probably doesn’t fit and she wants to return it. That doesn’t make me mad, as long as the garment is ok. I open up the pictures and this lady has burnt several holes along the bottom. Maybe done with an iron or something. She claims that these HUGE BURN HOLES I covered up from my listing and I sold her a faulty item. Anyone with eyes would be able to see that was not the case. The state that the blouse was in would have NEVER made it on to my site. It would have gone to the garbage. I only sell my clothes, and ones that are in good condition. Despite all of the pictures, and the lady’s admission of guilt, they STILL approved her return.”

“I had an experience with a vintage designer bag. The customer washed the bag (not sure if she soaked it or what she used on it) but you could see that it was wet and damaged. She won and I lost. Did I agree, nope. So it is hard to say what is the medium. I think 3 days is too long of a period because it gives shady people the time to take advantage but I hate see to buyers get bamboozled.”

*Updated 8/19/2022

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