If you’ve got plenty of house and not enough money, there are sites willing to help you find a housemate to pay rent and share chores. Designed for empty-nesters who want to age in place, both sites charge relatively modest fees for roommate matching and screening services.


Silvernest charges homeowners $24.99 a month. For that you get introduced to renters, automatic rent collection, a sample lease, advice and the ability to re-list when your renter moves. Renters can search for free. But if the homeowner wants a background check (and they should), it’s $30. Learn more about Silvernest here.


Nesterly also serves as a matchmaker between homeowners and long-term renters. To make the home-sharing arrangement as safe as possible, Nesterly requires information about both homeowners and renters. This includes two personal references, criminal and sex-offender background checks, as well as an address history and a Social Security check. But the site is more geographically limited than Silvernest and charges higher fees. Learn more about Nesterly here.

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