Flipsy provides a helpful price-comparison tool for selling used cell phones, notebooks, computers and other electronics

Expected pay: Varies by device

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: None

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Used electronics for sale

Flipsy Review:

Flipsy aims to be the Kayak of phone and tablet sales, seamlessly comparing prices from multiple sites that would be willing to purchase your used technology.

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How it works

There are no fees or commissions to shop. You plug in the information about what you want to sell; the site shows what a variety of other sites are offering. If you like the offers, click on one and you’ll be sent to that site.

Flipsy makes its money from referral fees paid by the phone resellers listed on its site.

A few caveats

Flipsy does not include sites, such as Swappa, where you sell directly to another consumer. Flipsy compares only offers from phone resellers, who generally pay 10% to 50% less than you’d get with a direct sale to the end consumer. (This, of course, makes sense since a reseller is going to turn around and sell your phone again and needs to make a profit.)

Direct sales take a little longer because you are personally negotiating with the final buyer. But, particularly if you have a valuable late-model phone, the extra work may be worth it. (You can check out Swappa here.)

It’s not the buyer

Also, Flipsy is just a search engine, not the final buyer. Although the site says it investigates all the vendors it recommends, we saw offers here from Decluttr, a site with a terrible reputation for bait-and-switch. (Read our Decluttr review here.) If you use this site to price compare, make sure you research the reputation of the buyer you choose before you send in your phone.


When we tested the prices we could get selling an iPhone, we also found a slight disparity between the offers on this site and those that we got directly from well-rated resellers such as TheWhizCells and ItsWorthMore. The offers were within $10 of the offers we got directly from these sellers, which may not be too much to pay for convenience. But, it’s worth mentioning.


If you’re looking to a fast and easy way to sell an old phone, this site is worth a look. However, if you want the best price for your phone, we recommend Swappa. (You can sign up for Swappa here.)

What experts say:

In addition to seller reviews, we looked for professional reviews, of which there were several — all positive. This is from IGeeksBlog, which seemed to sum them up nicely:

“If you’re planning to sell your iPhone/iPad, and want no hassles and risks along the way, you should try Oh, by the way, they also deal with a bucket load of other gadgets like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG smartphones, game consoles, books, Mac, BlackBerry etc.”

What sellers say (from ShopperApproved):

Flipsy did a great job accurately showing me the prices I’d get for my phone. When I needed to contact them for support, the response was super fast. Will use again!

Flipsy was a great service! A friend recommended and I am glad they did. I got $100 more for my trade than I would have at the apple store! I will definitely use them again.

Flipsy is an awesome service! I have used it multiple times and they provide so many options and the best prices for selling your old devices. Only twice have I needed to contact them and they provide quick response and have been helpful in providing resolutions. Highly recommended!

I’ve been using Flipsy for several years and I’d used it a number of times to help find buyers for my old devices. Flipsy has always helped me to get the best price and I’ve been happy with all of the transactions.

–Updated 1/28/2023

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