Decluttr offers to buy used books, CDs, DVDs, games and electronics

Expected pay: varies

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: NA (they buy direct)

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: 18 or older; legal right to sell what you’re selling

Decluttr Review:

Decluttr promises to buy your old electronics, games, CDs and DVDs. And it makes it easy to get a price quote and send in your items.

How it works

If you have an item for sale, you put the description in Decluttr’s price-quoting tool and get an instant offer. If you like the offer, you can pack your item up and the site will send a mailing label via email. You send the item in and the site will process it.

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However, according to hundreds of complaints, this is where the process goes awry. Consumers complain that the site often loses or devalues items dramatically. Decluttr then revises its offer to some small fraction of the value originally promised.

Tech promise

The site says that if it gives you an offer for a technology product, that offer is good for 28 days. This may be misunderstood to imagine that the online offer is firm. It’s not.

The site’s terms give it the right to evaluate the condition of the items on receipt. If Decluttr evaluators determine that your item is not in the condition you claimed, it can rescind the offer you got originally. It then makes a new offer. You then have 14 days to decide whether you want to accept or reject that offer.

If you reject it, the site will send your electronics back to you. Don’t delay opening the site’s email, however. If you don’t respond, it will process the sale with the revised offer, which could be a fraction of what was originally promised.


There are thousands of complaints about selling on this site. You can read a smattering of them below, but they consistently say that this site loses and breaks items. And, when it doesn’t lose things, it often comes back with insultingly low offers for them. We recommend that you do not sell anything of value here. 

If you’re looking to sell a cell phone consider Swappa, This site allows you to negotiate sales directly with the end buyer and usually results in receiving considerably more for your electronics. (You can sign up with Swappa here.)

ItsWorthMore or TheWhizCells are good choices, if you want to sell to a reseller like Decluttr. Selling something else? Consider selling through eBay, Craig’s List or OfferUp.

What their users say (from SiteJabber):

I attempted to sell them my used iPhone 11 Pro Max (unlocked, 64GB). They offered me $323 for a “good” condition. There were literally no scratches, dents, etc. Minimal sign of wear existed in some slight scuffing maybe? Like those tiny scratches that can hardly be seen. Either way, phone was in very good condition. I used bubble wrap and a cardboard box to ship the phone to prevent damage. I also kept the phone in the $100 MOUS leather case as it would only prevent further damage during shipping. They received my shipment and proceeded to tell me that the phone was extremely damaged and due to this they can only offer me $60! I could literally walk into a pawn shop and get twice that so why would I waste my time?

Bait and switch

Sold two brand new / unopened Microsoft Surface Pro’s to Decluttr. Their website said they would pay $261/ea. Once they finally said they received them (4 days after UPS delivered them), they offered me $13.05 for the first one. Have read too many reviews about this practice at this company.

Sent in pro 4. Took pictures first. Bubblewrapped like crazy. Get email after they had it for DAYS saying “Lifted screen. When we tested your device, we found that the screen has come away from the rest of the item” THEN OFFERED 10 BUCKS. They either broke it or are lying. DON’T TRUST THIS COMPANY.

They gave a good price quote, said it was good for 28 days. UPS tracking shows they received my phone several days before this 28-day window. They waited until day 29 to process my order and revised the offer downward $250! I told them I have tracking showing my phone was received by them inside of their 28 day window and they just decided to hold onto it until it expired before processing it. 8 days after this email they replied very rudely saying there is nothing they will do and I can accept the revised order or not.

Lost my phone

They are crooks. I am not mad because I didn’t get the price I wanted for my item. They STOLE my perfect Samsung Flip Phone 3. They received my item. It was signed for by Kelsey. It is a long story. They said it was lost, they said they paid me. They said I placed 2 orders. I proved them wrong with bank records and screenshots. I reported them to the BBB and have a open case with the Cobb County Police. Please call *******143. Case#******* if you had a similar problem or DM me.

Made the mistake of not investigating this company prior to agreeing to sell them my operable but smashed screen IPad and a like new Nokia 7.1 that was barely used. Surprise, surprise, after waiting several weeks for payment, I was told that the cell phone was not in the package. It’s now my word against theirs and guess who wins? Stay far away from these thieves.

Don’t use this scam of a website, they waste your time and sanity. If I didn’t offer them a tracking number, they would’ve stole two of my items that I sent to them because they said they couldn’t find them in the package. Don’t get scammed by staying far away from Decluttr.

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