What: Decluttr is an app that lets you price and sell almost anything —  sell books, games, electronics — but don’t expect market rates

Expected pay: NA

Husl $core: $$

Commissions & Fees: N/A (they buy direct)

Where: National

Requirements: Items to sell and the legal right to sell them


The concept is cool and the app is easy to use. But Decluttr offers pennies for most items. Sellers also complain that the site regularly claims to be missing items in your package, thus deducts the missing items from the already pecuniary price it pays you. 

The site does make pricing and shipping easy, but you’re probably better off just hosting a garage sale.

By the way, Decluttr also claims to buy used cell phones. Given the complaints about the site losing items, we do not recommend sending them valuable electronics that you could sell back to, say, the Apple store, or a better-rated retailer.

If you’re looking to sell a cell phone consider Swappa, ItsWorthMore or Gazelle. If you’re selling something else, consider selling through Amazon or eBay, Craig’s List or LetGo.

What their users say:

“This company can claim your property without paying for basically any reason and states that it does not have to return it — for any reason. This is called stealing. It’s bad enough you only offer cents of the dollar in the first place but to claim a defect like a scratch on the case or a fold of a page as a reason to take without paying at all is bull. Do not use this app without reading your terms and conditions. this is why people rated this app as a scam.”

“Great concept for selling unwanted media* (CDs, video games, movies, and books), but not great in practice. The most I was offered, even for collectors items, rarities, popular/classic titles, etc. was $3. If you’re in a rush to lose some stuff for a few quick bucks (moving house, etc.), this might be a good option for you, but I’d be a lot better off personally selling these kinds of items to the right buyer. A lot of items are not recognized or accepted. I plan on uninstalling the app. *and electronics; I didn’t really explore this avenue.”

“BEWARE. They claimed that they didn’t receive all I said the sent. I absolutely know what I sent because they had also said something was missing from a previous order so I was extremely careful to pack everything that scanned. I emailed them about it and the didn’t even have the courtesy to reply. Either it’s a dishonest or incompetent employee or the company itself is dishonest.”

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