GigSmart connects part-time workers with companies and individuals who need hired help

Expected pay: Varies

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: $1 per hour

Where: Nationwide (theoretically)

Requirements: 18 or older (or younger with parental consent); have legal authorization to work; able to sign a legal contract; may need to pass a background and DMV check

GigSmart Review:

GigSmart connects freelance workers with flexible jobs in a wide array of categories, from driving and daycare to warehouse work and customer service. The clients determine the rates of pay. Workers simply determine whether or not to accept a job.

However, when you sign up with GigSmart, you agree to join the On-Demand Independent Contractors Association (ODICA). And, through ODICA, you’ll be covered by occupational accident insurance. Workers pay for this coverage through a $1 per hour “trust & safety” fee charged by the GigSmart app.

Occupational accident insurance

What’s occupational accident insurance? It’s a lot like Worker’s Compensation coverage. This insurance helps pay both medical expenses and disability payments for workers who have been injured on the job. Specifically, GigSmart’s coverage provides a $10,000 payment for accidental death; up to $90,000 in survivor’s benefits for eligible dependents; up to $500 a week in disability coverage; and up to $1 million in medical expense coverage.

Given that freelancers are paying $1 per hour worked — and that doesn’t vary based on how much you’re earning each hour — this is expensive insurance coverage. However, if you are earning more than minimum wage, this fee is likely to be comparable to the commissions that many other online platforms charge freelancers. And, if you’re unlucky enough to need the occupational accident coverage, it may provide some aid.


Freelancers are generally paid within two weeks of completing a job. You can also opt for faster payments by paying a 3% processing fee.

Our concerns

What we don’t like about this platform is that there’s no way to see what sort of job offerings are available without going through the site’s full registration process. Thus, if no one is hiring for your specialty in your region — or they’re paying much less than you’d accept — you may have wasted a lot of time signing up.

The only thing you can see as a casual visitor to the site is GigSmart’s job board, where companies ranging from Uber to local businesses pay a fee to share their open positions. You can find better job boards at Indeed and Glassdoor.


That said, people who use the app have few complaints about how the site operates. The most common gripe about the app was simply that it didn’t have enough jobs available. So, don’t rely on it. But it might be worth giving GigSmart a try.

This does not appear to be a place to find a professional or creative job, however. If you have professional skills — tech, marketing, accounting, engineering, etc. — consider BrainTrust, Catalant, MavenFlexProfessionals and WAHVE.

Artists should look at Creatively and FineArtAmerica. Writers should consider Contently and Skyword. Or search our “work” page for the best options in your personal specialty.

What their users say: (from the Apple App Store)

“It took a while to get my first gig but the gig they offered was not bad. I would have taken it permanently had they offered. But right now any permanent gig works. Just thankful for the part-timers I get. The only real problem is, I had to give up a 10% finders fee on gigs and also five percent of my total payout for same-day pay-outs. I don’t mind the finders fee but having to pay to get paid doesn’t seem all that great.”

“Needed cash fast. Did two gigs so far. On the job the the same day I applied. Had to wait two days for $. Could be easier to put in personal info.” .

Quick buck

“This app is more for people who are looking for a quick buck not a job.”

“You can’t see any of the gigs available unless you make an account with your name, number, and picture. After doing so, there weren’t any gigs available for my skillset. So what was the point? You should let people see what they’re getting into before making them sign up. I’ve submitted a request to delete my account because I didn’t see that as an option.”

“I set up my profile and was excited to get started searching for gigs. However, the only gigs available through the app are 500 miles away! What?! I live in Chicago for crying out loud! The app gives me dozens of gigs literally in other states.”

(from Google Play)

I began applying for gig shifts and was hired for one pretty quickly! The Gigsmart support/staff are really helpful and quick to respond when there is an issue. My timesheet was also approved quickly and I was paid within hours after working the shift. It’s a bit slower now but I can’t say yet what the average wait time is. I enjoy working on this platform.”

“I only have had one gig which went great but I find that this app doesn’t really have all that many opportunities for me. So it’s hard to rely on it as far as anything steady.”

One week; one gig

“So far I’ve worked one gig and I’ve only been on the app for a week. The support staff are very helpful and friendly and I can understand everything they say unlike other app support teams that I’ve talked to.”

“I’ve used gig smart for months, they send me stuff to my email. When I check the app they have nothing, ever since I’ve used it. I keep uninstalling it, it’s wasting space.”

“The only problem I have with the app is that I have left my availability on for a month and have had no bites. I would like to know if the problem is the lack of people in my community with the sister-app, or if it is my profile and/or skills. Perhaps tell me how many people have viewed my profile and how many people are in my community?”

“Neat app but only a few jobs in a few states. Nearest job to me was 226 miles away.”

Updated 2/26/2023

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