Basics: is a job site that appears to simply shill for other dubious job sites

Expected pay: NA

Husl$core: $

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: NA Review: is supposed to be a job board that uses artificial intelligence to match people to work. But when we test the site, we find few real jobs.

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How it works

Theoretically, you can plug in your job title and the city where you want to find work and will come back with a list of available positions. But when we did that in December, we got bizarre results — no matter what job description or city we tried.

For instance, we searched for “marketing product manager” in New York. The site returned five results — none of them in marketing. One was for an occupational therapist; one was for a travel co-ordinator; and three were for nurses.

When we searched for “accounting manager” in Los Angeles, the site offered one job — for a “facilities technician.”

Shilling for other sites

Searching for “bank analyst” without specifying a city, the site came back with multiple prospective jobs. However, when we clicked on the “apply now” button next to one titled “supply chain analyst,” it took us to a site called “Endevis,” which is apparently a recruiting company.

When we clicked on the “apply now” button next to a business analyst position, it took us to Altimeter Solutions, which appears to be another recruiting company.

Other red flags

It’s worth noting that when we did our first review in 2019, we found a raft of complaints on TrustPilot. They all said roughly the same thing: links to affiliates that may bombard you with pitches for resume and education services if you fill out their forms. And you might not realize you’re filling out a third-party form because you got “redirected” in the application process.

At the time, officials said they had changed their management team and the complaints had stopped. The site has a 1.7 rating (out of 5) on TrustPilot, based on 183 reviews.

Recommendations has a great name for a job site. But it’s a miserable place to look if you want a job.

If you’re a professional looking for work, we recommend an established and ethical staffing company like Robert Half. 

You also can find copious job listings on free job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor.

If you want flexible, part-time or remote work, you can search SideHusl by job category.

Or you can sign up with FlexJobs, which vets job listings to make sure they’re legit, but charges a small membership fee. (You can sign up with FlexJobs here.)

What users say: (from Trust Pilot)

[The site] seemed to pull info out of my resume and fit it into a format that was very limited. Also, a lot of steering to school ads, etc. Was looking for a straight job search experience. Haven’t received one response, either. We’ll see.

When you click on a job and it wants your phone number for telemarketers to call about getting more education, you tell them you’re looking for another job and they hang up on you. So you can’t get to the application, which is why I don’t like your site.

I’m sure there might be some benefit, but I’m too busy battling the spam to find out. I regret signing up.

Updated 12/12/2023

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