What: Juni Learning is a tutoring platform, focused on math and computer science, that hires part-time tutors as employees

Expected pay: $20 + 

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Background in math or computer science; experience working with students; U.S. work authorization; pass screening process.

Juni Learning Review:

Unlike most tutoring platforms, Juni Learning hires its tutors as part-time W-2 employees. That means that in addition to your pay, the site pays Social Security and Medicare taxes on your behalf –a valuable benefit. Wages start at $20 an hour, with the potential for raises and bonuses.

The site asks tutors to commit to working at least 6 hours per week and provides the curriculum. Hours are flexible, however. And, tutors are welcome to work more, when there’s sufficient demand. With parents across the world dealing with school closures due to the Coronavirus lock-down, demand is at a fever pitch, site executives say. 

Tutors review the site highly, but note that you need to tend your calendar because the site can schedule sessions in any open slot. 

New Option:

In the beginning of 2022, Juni Learning added a second option for teachers — “creator” positions. These are independent contractor positions, where you create your own course and are paid based on its popularity. Courses must be approved by the platform. However, they’re designed by the teacher. The teacher gets 70% of the revenue generated by the course, paying the rest to the platform for marketing and collection. This is similar to the course creation options at Outschool, which is another highly-rated option for teachers.

What their tutors say (from Glassdoor)

Extremely flexible scheduling around classes. Pre-set curriculum/resources making it really easy to teach. Strong support system. Well organized But pay is not very high for a computer science tutor, you could get paid much more for doing the same work elsewhere/as an individual

Lessons are very regular (no surprises for the most part). Great bonuses for referrals, and successful trial lessons. Parents can schedule makeup lessons or trials in any of your free time, if it is not blocked off on Google Calendar. So make sure to be strict with your time availabilities.

*Updated 8/11/2022