What is KashKick?

KashKick is a marketing company that says it pays people to play games, buy things, take surveys and watch advertisements.

How it’s supposed to work

Individuals can sign up with an email and password or through a Facebook or Google account. At that point, they’re invited to play games, watch advertisements, and take surveys for pay. You can also get cash back for opening bank accounts and buying things.

Users who have earned $10 in “KashKick Kash” can make a payment request to have that balance transferred to PayPal.

KashKick review

The problem is that the site doesn’t necessarily pay you as promised. Indeed, the Better Business Bureau has an “advisory” on its KashKick listing.

Says the BBB: Since June 2023, BBB started to receive a pattern of consumer complaints alleging the business did not pay out the earnings from tasks completed, and that some were blocked/banned from their account. 

To be sure, most sites that pay you to play games on your cell phone don’t pay much. And some employ deceptive tactics to make it difficult to cash out. But few have managed to earn BBB warnings.

So either KashKick’s behavior is more egregious than most, or its users are somehow more offended — perhaps because the site once worked as advertised.

KashKick response

A site spokeswoman says they did have a problem with a fraud detection tool in the last quarter of 2023. But they’ve disabled that tool because it was kicking people off the site without reason. She adds that if anyone had their account disabled — and money seized — during that period, they can contact KashKick support and get their funds and accounts restored.

However, she also said that some players don’t read the game rules correctly and thus don’t win the promised rewards. One example she provided was a for a game called “Dice Dreams.” To win $35 with this game, the gamer needs to accept tracking on their phone and is advised that “in-app purchases are highly recommended.” In-app purchases allow gamers to complete levels more quickly. And that’s important because you only have 10 days to hit “Kingdom 19” to earn $35.

When asked if gamers would win without in-app purchases, this spokeswoman said: “I would say it’s possible, but unlikely. The user would have to be a very skilled gamer.”

In our opinion, spending money to earn money is a loser’s game. And it’s all the more so when you read KashKick’s terms.

KashKick terms

According to these terms: KashKick Kash is worth zero, considered unearned, and has no redeemable value until a user has achieved the minimum account balance required to be eligible to make a payment request and a user payment request has been made, and acknowledged and approved by KashKick. The current minimum balance required for redemption is $10, but this is subject to change at KashKick’s sole discretion.

Moreover, the site says that any money you earn is subject to third-party vendors paying KashKick. If they don’t pay KashKick, you don’t get paid either. And the site reserves the right to suspend or cancel a rewards program at any time — including wiping out your previously earned rewards.

And, if you don’t use your account for 90 days, it’s considered inactive and can be disabled, which also wipes out any “kash” you may have earned.

Promises, promises….

Ironically, KashKick’s home page slams other sites for failing to deliver on their promises. The site says “You deserve a trusted and vetted program to earn more money online.” We agree. But, that’s not KashKick.

The terms and conditions that each site publishes are the contract between you and the site. Thus, even though this site makes big claims on its home page, its terms say what it is legally allowed to do. And this site gives itself a litany of legal ways to take away the money you earned.

Not surprisingly, many users on Reddit slam KashKick.

Positive reviews?

Notably, you can find positive reviews about KashKick too. We see two possibilities as to why. (1) The site may have once offered good opportunities to make money and simply changed over the past year or so. Or (2) it pays people to recommend it.

We know that it pays people to recommend it because this is how KashKick originally came to our attention. The site asked us to recommend them and promised that we could make money doing so. The site apparently pays affiliates $3.50 for every person they send to the site. In keeping with SideHusl.com’s affiliate policy, we have not joined their affiliate program.


If you want to earn money playing games, our top picks are Scrambly, Rewarded Play and Mistplay. There are simply too many red flags in KashKick’s terms and the reviews on Reddit and elsewhere to recommend this app. But if you want to check out KashKick anyway, you can find them here.

Those who are into fantasy games, such as Dungeons & Dragons have an even better option. You can be a “game master” at StartPlaying and set your own rates.

What their users say (from Reddit)

Completed 2 “offers” where I spent money on a game and service. They came back and said there was an error and I would not be paid the $225 owed/earned. They also pay like 5 to 50 cents for 30 minute surveys. The site is crap.

If anyone is curious from someone who actually tried three games and is not a bot/paid by the company to promote it – DON’T BOTHER. The cash incentives are designed to be impossible to reach within the timeframe they give you without spending money.

Account blocked

I MADE $125 on Vegas Slots in 15 days just left it on autospin .. soon as i requested a $20 test payout though my Verified US PAYPAL ACCOUNT i got that message …”This account was blocked because of fraud activity. If you believe that you didn’t do such activities, please contact our support.”

This is exactly whats happening to my gf right now. I played the game and got paid, set the money to Paypal and it worked. So I had my gf sign up and play the same game through a referral link so I can get a little kickback too. She played the same game, same way I played. Got $100 and then as soon as she sent to her own Paypal she was blocked because of fraud activity. I think this company is doing some tricky things to get out of paying people. BE AWARE!

I saw this site mentioned. Seemed to payout higher with a waiting period. I did mykonami slots and paid out. Then I did mgm slots for $120 and it said completed but no funds moving. Customer service says they can’t help me at all,


I was progressing too fast and “flagged” their progression system. Of course the day they banned me I was about to finish completing one game and reach a payout level on another. I reached out to support no answer. Finally got an answer saying I had to submit evidence that i was doing everything legit and screenshots of any in app purchases along with apptime stats from my phone. Long story short it was a hassle and by the time they replied reviewed my evidence then unbanned me I lost all the possible money I was about to make so back to square 1 on new games to grind. Kinda weird timing if you ask me but they are “legit” I guess……

I completed board kings AND dice dreams but didn’t get shit. It just always said I successfully installed it and even like 3 months later after giving up still says it’s in progress. Hate kashkick.

From TrustPilot

I have played 11 games through this app. Only cashed out on one. When you download these apps the goal is to make money not lose it. After my research as an actual play I have concluded unless you spend more than you will get back you will not win. If your are okay with losing money to get a fraction back sure go for it but if this is meant to be a sublimation income DO NOT fall for it.

While I did get the reward, I was disturbed by a couple of things. The first responder didn’t answer my question. The 2nd responder issued the reward, but said they could only do it once. WHY? The issue isn’t on MY end because every other game was tracked properly. So now I have to run the risk of getting to the next level and ‘hope’ it tracks properly? And if not I’m screwed? Not good business.

I completed the “Bubble Boxes – Classic Match” which awarded $25. And also completed numerous offers and Reached levels 22 and 26 “Dragonscapes Adventure” It took almost forever for $29.65 to be “available” while I still have $45 pending. The min amount to cash out is $10. When I went to withdraw the $29.65, I could only get my money if I typed in the last four numbers of SSN for a paypal cash-out. Even the most legit GPT sites don’t need your face, ID, or SSN. I’m almost certain this site is a scam or at the least, lures you in with the promise of earning up to $100+ that they hope you’ll get too frustrated through jumping through identity verification hoops you’ll give up.


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