Mandy Network connects t.v. and film creatives — actors, VO artists, production people, etc — with producers and casting agents

Expected pay: Varies widely

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: $7.95 a month or $50 per year

Where: Nationwide/international

Requirements:None listed

Mandy Network review:

The Mandy Network is a job board that connects actors, film and TV crew, theatre professionals, voiceover artists, dancers, singers, musicians, models and extras with producers working in television, film, theater and events.

How it works

Producers, agents and casting directors can sign up and post jobs for free here. Actors, musicians, models and other creative professionals can sign up and create a free profile.

Creating a profile allows you to browse both “jobs” and “opportunities” on the site.

However, if you want to apply to any of those jobs or opportunities, you’ll need to buy a membership. On the bright side, the membership isn’t terribly expensive. At the time of our review, you could become a member for $7.95 a month or $50 a year.

Jobs vs. opportunities

What’s the difference between a job and an opportunity? Jobs pay at least local minimum wage. Opportunities are non-commercial projects, where you may not be compensated for your time.

Many of the jobs on this site are non-union productions.

Getting jobs

Mandy is a job board, not an employer. So it will alert you to openings and casting calls, but it makes no guarantee about whether you’ll find work.

If you want to apply to any of the jobs listed here, you’ll need to pay Mandy’s membership fee. That will allow you to click through the site to apply. But it gives you no competitive edge.


Many of the job listings here (and at Mandy’s sister site, Backstage) are for student and non-commercial projects that pay considerably less than union scale. If you want to find higher-paying acting work, you really need an agent, not a website.

That said, if you’re just getting started in your career and want experience, Mandy and Backstage may be reasonable places to start. Both charge relatively reasonable membership fees and they have short-term memberships that you can cancel relatively easily, if you decide they’re not worth your time.

If you have experience, however, the better place to look is StaffMeUp, which is a job board for all positions in the film and television industry.

Other sites you may want to consider include Songfinch for musicians/songwriters; ArrayCrew for “below-the-line” production staff; and Wyzant or LessonFace for those who would like to make money by teaching or tutoring actors.

What their users say (from SiteJabber)

I’ve used Mandy for quite some time, with a paid subscription and then again with a free trial. In neither of those times, for as long as I’ve held an account with Mandy did I hear back from ANY job offers I submitted as a composer and is the reason why I feel Mandy is a scam and should be avoided. I only gave one star because I had to put something at least.

I see a lot of positive reviews. But i see little about actually scoring jobs and getting paid. I can do auditions all day but If i don’t get a paying job whats the point? I tried Backstage too for awhile and did not get one response or job. Other sites provide me with constant income. Please Advise.

Worked for me

Mandy is an amazing platform to use if you are an actor or a voice artist as there are many opportunities, for all levels, to work on various project. I would highly recommend it if you are also looking to start acting.

I love the variety of roles available in many different screen genres. Roles are constantly streaming through my inbox, so there are no shortages of things that I can apply for. I am constantly applying for things. The latest one being a feature film that sounds exciting. It is worth joining Mandy, as their membership fees are not too expensive either.

Found work

I have used this site for decades and it has helped me land hundred of positions across the continental US! I would recommend this site to anyone who is having a difficult time making it in the field.

The website is great if you have different skills and willing to participate in film crews in different positions. It’s constantly being updated and, though I haven’t booked a job through the website yet, every opportunity seems legit and trustworthy. Very recommended for all freelancers working in filmmaking. Worth a shot.


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